SF Bay Area - Open Improv Session

I would like to invite anyone in the area to come down to my rehearsal space to play with their electronic boxes, this Wednesday.

When & Where:
Wednesday, April 4th, 2017
5:45pm to 8pm
Villa St, Mountain View, California

Beer & food in downtown Mtn. View afterward

Synths - Grooveboxes - Controllers - Computers - Modular - Analog / Digital / Hybrids - Homebrew Sonic Electronics - Etc…

ambient to techno to noise to groovy to ???

RSVP for directions and other details


Hope there’s a good turnout! I’m a couple hundred miles south of you or I would be there!

Short notice… I know… I’m bad… BUT if any of you are in the SF Bay area… and want to come do some group electronic box twiddling…

This Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
in Mountain View, CA
6pm to 8pm

Same schtick as in the original post…

Cool, maybe time to visit SF soon again

btw, have there been any “live” lines community projects, i.e. lclp:s :slight_smile: ?
of course there’s practical issues, but then again similar things like “atlantic waves” should be able to be implemented into norns or whatever.

Yes, it has been done!

The server is still up. Always happy for a NINJAM. I’ve found that if we’re doing free improv it often takes up to 45 minutes to warm up, so it’s good to figure that in. When we’re doing a more structured piece (like Terry Riley’s “In C”) then we’re usually more able to jump right in.

Great! (Then we can fight the weegies without even having to see them haha…)
A regular live session would be so cool, preferably in a public space as well. (I located the beepboop thing now as well).
Then one might start to think of the possibility to integrate samples from smartphones in the audience!

Ok so more techy bits to dive into, Reaper is nice. But I thought about generating the music locally, not necessarily streaming the audio. However, that limits the use cases of course, but live “programming” could benefit complexity and other aspects. For example just MLR could be extended to load clips and patterns externally via “ether”.

I agree that it takes some time to warm up, at some point I had setup two standalone DAWs connected via “ether” for live techno “production”, but it takes some time to learn the flow. But it’s so much fun!

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Given the choice, I’ll always prefer to jam in person. The 8 beat latency that ninjam introduces ends up constraining you to pretty loop based/minimalist music, and you just don’t get quite the same feeling that you get from being in the room with everyone.

That being said, it works surprisingly well!

Yes, jamming in person is on another level but doing things live remotely is much nicer than composing and working back and forth to create a piece (talking about process, quality of result depends on so many other things as well).

I realise this went a bit OT, but anyway…

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Doing this again:

September 5th
6pm to 8pm
Mountain View, California
(near CalTrain)

PM for details.

This is happening tomorrow … join us!

Tonight in SF: https://resfreq.live

Any lines folks gonna be there?
I’m not bringing any kit tonight, but just peeping the event/vibe.

…but always cool to me virtual peeps in the real!


I’ve been meaning to go for a long time but tuesday nights are tricky on the home schedule front. Maybe some time…