Sf Tape Music Fest


“ America’s only festival devoted to the performance of audio works projected in three-dimensional space, The San Francisco Tape Music Festival features four distinct concerts of classic audio art and new fixed media compositions by 40 local and international composers. Hear members of the SF Tape Music Collective, along with guest composers, shape the sound live over a pristine surround system (24 high-end loudspeakers) with the audience seated in complete darkness. It’s a unique opportunity to experience music forming - literally - around you.

The 2019 Festival features contemporary “fixed media” compositions alongside classic works from 50 years ago. The FREE Saturday 10:30pm show presents late-night-appropriate works that are more on the ambient and long-form-exploration side of the spectrum.”

Just out of soundcheck for tonight’s concert, holy hell it’ll be a real ripper tonight! My piece uses a handful of Synth voices that interact through 8 channels via a function of shared intermodulations - an experiment that I just heard realized for the first time, and am excited for you to hear it tonight!


Damn, that sounds amazing! Is any of it being recorded?

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Perhaps, but you’ll need a Meyer sound system with 20+ speakers and 4 subs to successfully reproduce it… :flushed:

Damn, I’m about 20 speakers & 4 subs shy :pensive: