SF tonight at 8pm


last minute reminder!

3425 balboa st

ps. will be back soon participating here, apologies for the silence.


waiting for the bridge traffic to die down, see yall soon!


what a fantastic show tonight.

thank you brian & kelli (& eiffel)

please come play in San Francisco again and again <3


Three photos from last night’s Cain/Crabtree show at Better out on Balboa Street in San Francisco:


thank you for posting these!


thank you all for coming out, wonderful meet you @guillaume @disquiet

there was a crew with a bunch of audio visual capture equipment, so some sparkly documentation of this should emerge in the coming weeks


Super. I look forward to reliving it. One quick question: are those shakers something ceramic that Kelli made?


indeed, kelli made those. similar to the balls and rings she made for @instantjuggler

great videos here if you haven’t seen them:



Very cool. I may do a little write-up on the evening, and now I’m more informed. Wonderful night, great crowd. Nice that it took visitors from 3,000 miles away for me to better understand a place that’s a few blocks away.


i’ve had all these songs stuck in my head now for days!


Sorry for the delay everyone who is interested, but we have an unbalanced recording of the show from February 19th here and we will update the community as soon as our friends have finished editing the footage!


That is great. I’ve listened a few times through, and it captures what I heard that evening. I think I actually understand the lyrics better than I did when I was standing there. I look forward to the video.


Just lovely. I’m really looking forward to the video, but a delight to hear, @tehn and co - what lovely noises from people, things and machines.


new properly balanced and mixed audio from this show. now features actual low end and other things you’ll enjoy!

also many thanks to @disquiet for the writeup:



Excellent. I’ve updated my post. Thanks.


just a little cross-post for data cohesion.