SFMOMA 'Soundtracks' exhibit

I think many of you would deeply enjoy the new ‘Soundtracks’ exhibit at SFMOMA, running through January 1, 2018.

“Soundtracks is the museum’s first large-scale group exhibition centered on the role of sound in contemporary art. Focusing on the perceptual experience of space, the exhibition offers opportunities for discovering public architectural features and galleries throughout the newly expanded building.”

I won’t say much, because the joy of this exhibit comes partly from surprise - but do set aside a couple of hours, and do spend time in the large Ragnar Kjartansson installation at the top of the 7th floor stairs. Also grab an exhibit brochure / map, because it’s possible to borrow an EMF-amplifying headphone from the front desk and take an ‘electrical walk’ through the blocks around Yerba Buena Gardens in downtown San Francisco, using the map.