Shadow dropping two new releases: […~⌒~] & [SCPH-5903] - Obakegaku

In attempt be less of a music hoarder, here are two new releases.

The first is a duo of OrgnWrms performances on Norns and Grid.
I Instantly clicked with this script, it really is so well thought out and super immediate, joyful and playful to use. Loads of love to @andrew for designing such wrigglesome fun. I’ve since passed Norns onto to someone else since, which makes this a surprisingly sentimental release. Or perhaps it’s like a moss-covered sign post I’ll find my way back to in the future…

Next up is a homage to the omnipotent commercial jungle soundtracks of PlayStation menu and option screens between 97-99. I’ve been listening to loads of YT playlists of the originals of this era while at work and could no longer resist the desire to imitate it myself. It’s made entirely in VCV rack and heavily relies on: Teletype, reverb-soaked Chord stabs from Rings’ Disastrous Peace, sub bass and some quality breaks put through the Nysthi Simpliciter

The artwork for both is made in Hydra

Listen to …~⌒~ here:

Listen to SCPH​-​5903 here:


gotta admit that I was surprised you sold your kit but change is good. looking forward to these!

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would you mind sharing one or two of these?
just to get me started

thanks for the music

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love both album covers and am partial to the inspiration and sounds on scph-5903

sooooooooooooooooooo so good


Thanks buddy (@fourhoarder)
Without boring everyone too much about that, it was a super tough decision! I love Norns, and the makars behind the scripts even more so-- a very inspiring and friendly bunch as we all know.
Funnily, I was able to grab Norns and Teletype very closely together in January 2021 and was convinced at the time that TT had too steep a learning curve and I ended up spending more time with Norns.
As time went one, and having only so much time in a day to explore music, I sort of accidentally became incredible obsessed with Teletype and wanted to give all my time to it. Nearly two years on and that didn’t change :sweat_smile: Long story short, a friend of mine now has it and I hope it becomes something he obsesses over!

Hey, @icecreamed of course! Here’s far too many of them:

Thanks @glia that’s really kind, If you, or anyone else is interested in getting artwork like this out of Hydra just ping me a message, happy to share everything I know or make stuff for you.


Ooo both of these sound really cool! There’s something about the sounds and the art on …​~​⌒​~ that remind me of slime. It’s very squishy lol.

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@lagunagloria Turn your studio into a functioning mound of whistling gelatinous goo with this one simple step

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