im not sure how midi signals are split as far as modulation on norns, but it would be so cool to use this as a modulation source via midi to my cre8 niftycase’s midi to cv “mod” input. i imagine if you could select the midi out channel it would be pretty easy to make work


Midi support is my next big goal. Was planning on just doing midi cc values, does that module work that way?


It does seem to work when I assign octatracks “mod wheel” cc params, so i think it does. Thank you! That’s exciting

The cv and gate 1 correspond to midi channel 1, cv and gate 2 are midi channel 2, and mod is whichever typical modulation cc is on either channel I believe. I don’t know how that translates to crow but I like that it can split to 4 outputs there. Maybe if you could map either of the 4 axis points to any midi channel, it would work. I assume this is how most cv to midi modules work. Maybe not

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This is really great and clever design.
Would it be possible to have an option to select an alternative trigger / gate out per crow output in the menu? I can see 4 triggers turning it into a weird 4 channel rhythmic generator or 2 lfos/ 2 triggers pinging a filter for example. Or LFO’s not being LFO’s, but being quantised stepped voltages generated from the graphic.



  • added weighted points
  • each side of a shape now has an individual distance from the center
  • modified upper-left part of the UI, crow output voltages on the left and point “groups” and weights on the right.
  • added more output options via params
  • added +0-5 voltage offset per output via params
  • added display options via params, includes hiding shapes or showing points

Thank you so much!

I think this would fit well with clock syncing which was suggested earlier on, which will likely be my focus after I get add some MIDI capabilities. Voltage quantization would be a handy thing to have in the parameter menu too.

You could probably get triggers currently by putting a bunch of shapes in one of the corners, and maximizing the length of each side. It should only register voltages within the grid, so the split moment it is in the opposite corner, should cause a trigger. I guess I’m not sure exactly how triggers work in eurorack, but the new voltage offset should get you up to 10v if you need it.

re: instagram, my user there is tyler.lubke it’s cool if you want to tag it in the future.

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ok great - that new offset parameter addition really helps. I can get random type triggers if i zoom right in for random clicks and bleepy stuff which is cool. The Buoys script might help with the trigger/gate stuff as it has an option for trigger / gates or cv crow output in the parameters. Triggers/Gates are sent on a user defined voltage threshold.
btw - i’ve now tagged you in that instagram clip - i wasn’t sure where to find you :slight_smile:

Just a little note that I noticed the Shapes repo contains an unreleased(?) development branch called midi-cc which does exactly that. Now oscillating my OP-Z :wavy_dash:.


Hope it’s all working for you then :sweat_smile:. Last time I was developing this, I was running issues overloading the system with too many midi messages. There may also be some issues with parameter saving/loading and midi devices.

I really should get around to finishing the feature.

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And I got around to it. Considering this v1 now since its a bit more complete with midi. Just need to add it to the community site I suppose.


Thanks for adding midi to this. Great idea


Totally thrilled about using this script with my portable skiff… But unfortunately, it seems that it don’t work on my updated Norns… Right after having selected the script, I have blank screen… No matter how long I wait.
Here is what Matron shows

Any idea? Thks in advance!!

I just tried it out on my norns after update. Looks like it’s an issue with crow.output[x].volts not being a number as expected. Try connecting a crow to your norns, and then restarting the script. If that doesn’t work, then something got changed with crow in the update. Regardless it should be fixed for people just using MIDI.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


v1.1.0 is up with a fix for the aforementioned issue + a new display parameter to show MIDI values (roughly, as lines) instead of voltages.