Share your Reaktor ensembles

Since there’s not one already, I thought I’d start a thread for sharing Reaktor ensembles. If you’ve made something cool in Reaktor you want to share, or want to get help with something, post it in this thread. That way we can learn from each other :slight_smile:


I’ll start with one I was working on today. It’s based on @trickyflemming’s breakbeat generator ensemble. I added multiple patterns (up to 8) for each drum sound that are randomly switched between at the end of every burst. I’ve been able to program some pretty complex generative beats with this… but I think I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what I eventually want… which is to have the various patterns correlated to each other somehow and build in some more intelligence into the selection process. That may be a job for something other than Reaktor though :slight_smile:

Download is here:

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I’ve got one that’s a bit Abbott-and-Costello-meet-Dracula, in that it features a favorite duo in interaction with something weird: the time-honored pairing of Oki Oscillator and Euro Reakt’s Wavetable LFO, versus the Entropy Filter (also from Euro Reakt). It’s so, so basic, but darn if it doesn’t keep surprising me.
40 presets (got some good names in there)

Bookmarked - Reaktor has been my weapon of choice since forever, but I’m v.keen to get some Eurorack-inspired ideas for Blocks patches.

Nice! @kisielk, it’s great to see someone building upon the Breakbeat Generator foundation. I was hoping that posting it would lead to a lot of UL uploads with interesting variants.

@misuba, that ensemble is terrifying! The vocal presets are really unsettling. Great work. Also, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone use the Entropy Filter.

I put a lot of my ensembles in the “Examples” folder on Euro Reakt, but I have tons kicking around on the drive. Here’s a really fun stereo distortion synth. It makes use of two Harmonic Oscillators as the foundation and Timbre, Monark Filter, and Driver as the processors.: