Shared Studio NYC - Studio PASS 2.0


thanks Dakota! and absolutely - will keep you posted!


Brooklyn-based as well, count me in!


Another Brooklyn based composer here. Would also be interested in learning more.

As for shared spaces, I’ve found it best if there is someone “in charge” of the space in terms of upkeep and taking care of it, as well as enforcing common decency rules. Otherwise people easily take advantage of such offerings, and don’t leave them in a good state after being done with them…

Looking forward!


NYC-based here too, would love to see this happen, classes, workshops, collaboration meet ups and all.

If there’s anyway to help - by volunteering or fundraising or loaning/donating music equipment to the mix - is there somewhere we can find out more? I’d love to stay in the loop on this.


awesome all above!

@Formant super well said- I imagine there’s a kind of giant slider that moves between ‘inclusion/access’ on one side and ‘security/maintenance/long-term sustainability’ on the other, and we’ll have to dial things in to make this as useful to practicing artists and the community as it can be. I’m pretty stoked to develop this under the umbrella of Harvestworks tho, as hopefully they can help lend some structure and administrative roots to the project.

@easterner absolutely, and ditto! Will keep u posted on all.

Going to have an official announcement this week soon as the last few details settle in, but it looks like we’ll be doing a public meeting and planning session the evening of Thursday Oct. 26 at Harvestworks in SoHo (596 Broadway, New York, NY 10012)

Also: first round of donations/gear is coming in, and we’ve got some fun stuff happening. Just got an ARP 2600 in last week from a member of the original Studio PASS! (pic below feat. Carol Parkinson from Harvestworks)


Hey Gang - finally a few updates!

We’ll be doing an open meeting and forum for Studio PASS 2.0 on Thursday, Oct. 26, 7:00 at Harvestworks (596 Broadway, New York, NY 10012) A FB listing for the event is here and a little blurb on the website here.

We’ll have a few speakers from the original Studio PASS to begin the evening, then will open things up for discussion. I’ll have a short survey to hand out re: logistics/interests. Also beer.

Right now we have an ARP 2600 at the space, a Doepfer A-100 case with some bread and butter modules, Octotrack, tape machines and a quad speaker/monitor setup, possibly a Roland 301 Chorus/Space Echo, Juno 106, rackmount Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter and lots more incoming.

Trying to work out an arrangement with HTC, but we should have an HTC Vive and VR ready computer at the space soon as well!

If you’re in NYC and it’d be of interest to you, we’d be thrilled if you came by to share yr presence + ideas!


ps: tagging a few of the NYC folks from above @pibbsthemister @jkbrogan @dakota @Myles_Avery @Formant @easterner @tehn

Also @mzero : not positive, but I wonder if Clive Smith or Greg Kramer’s name rings a bell re: the classes you had taken back at the original PASS? Kramer was one of the founders, and Clive Smith was a Fairlight wizard and associated with PASS during the early days


this sounds awesome, but unfortunately thursdays are out for me. if i can figure out a way to be there, i will be.


Exciting! Have it on my calendar and will be there barring any unforeseen family emergencies.


sounds awesome - see you there!


I’m also NYC-based, and super interested in this. I’d be happy to help teach/contribute/be a helper, and also would be interested in helping map ambisonics coordinates/expand the system beyond quad into 3D sound design stuff. This is really exciting. I’ll be there on the 26th with bells on! -Nate


Will be there! Excited for this.


So psyched + sounds great all around! Excited to talk re: ambisonics + 3D sound too. See you soon!


@Myles_Avery - awesome - see you then!


@mdg great to meet you last night-well presented! Thanks for all your hard work in moving this initiative along. Great to see the “old timers” (legends) so motivated as well. Looking forward to more updates soon!


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@healthylives likewise Matt! Thanks so much for coming out and sharing yr thoughts - was such an inspiring evening. Just about shed a tear hearing Laurie and Clive speak. Should have some ‘official news’ about moving forwards soon!

Few pics from the evening (and the survey link) below if its of interest to anyone who couldn’t make it out!


Bumping this–@mdg, any word on progress or timing?


Hey @healthylives - thanks for bumping!

And yep, we should have some announcements coming out at the top of the new year!

We’ve been hashing out logistics with the board (budget/scheduling + overlap with existing Harvestworks artist-in-residency programs, onboarding process and gear maintenence, etc), but should have everything locked in soon.

As far as the studio itself, HTC donated a Vive headset, and we now have a PC to power it, so we’re VR ready! We’ve got a bit more Eurorack stuff, but mostly a motley assortment of Doepfer gear - we’re hoping to step up the Euro game before opening (@tehn - will reach out soon re: Teletype if that might still be of interest!) We’ve also got some tape machines, a rackmount Roland Super Jupiter with programmer, Juno 106, a space echo and a quad monitor setup.

Once the logistical details are solidified with the board, we’ll make the ‘official’ announcement, but the plan is to open it up for equitable hourly rates ASAP(no more than 20/hr max, and will likely end up closer to 15 or 10 an hr), with discounts for block booking or possibly memberships/skill swap agreements etc ideally. We’ll also be launching some community educational and outreach programing in tandem-

Also, if anyone is in NYC and wanted to come say hi + see the studio or swap thoughts/ideas in the meanwhile, we’d be thrilled to see/hear you - just drop me a line here or via email and let’s do a visit!



The perfect thing for a community/shared system like this. Logical and easy to understand. You won’t need to rely on people without any/much modular experience having to constantly refer to a manual!


well said! I think we’ll likely pick up a lil QuNexus or similar CV compatible input source, and we’ve got a nice bread and butter analog subtractive voice.

One idea we’ve been kicking around was a like, hybrid modular + Max/BEAP intro to synthesis course, where folks could come learn on the hardware and get the feel of it, but also get a chance to put those ideas in practice with something they could take home via BEAP. (also, I might bring in my MOTU or similar DC-coupled interface and do a little bit on interfacing between the two for the heads!)