Sharing Screen from Norns Shield

Has anyone come up with a way to share video from norns’s screen? It’d be fun to be able to record video of the screen or project the screen for a show. I’m sure someone, somewhere on here, (and perhaps several someones, several somewheres) has raised this question before, but searching didn’t bring anything up that was directly pertinent to this question.

One idea that comes to mind is the HDMI port on the shield’s pi. I know norns does not, by default, do anything with this HDMI port. Has anyone tried doing a mod to make that useable for sharing the screen? Would that even be possible? Maybe there’s a much easier solution to this problem that just isn’t occurring to me. I’d love to hear how others have approached this!

Here’s the norns online script for reference:


ah, thank you! I didn’t realize could be used for this exact purpose. Excited to try it out


Sure thing! It works really well. @jaseknighter used it recently during their Krill script workshop.


I share the screen using “fbvnc”

GitHub - ponty/framebuffer-vncserver: VNC server for Linux framebuffer devices

edit to add:
I have moved to NDI mod. Here’s a comparison of “NDI studio monitor” (left) and “VNC Viewer” (right). Only after installing the former, I realized that the latter wasn’t sending all greyscales.

Strike that - VNC is OK. Just have to set the picture quality to high (in properties).