Shbobo Shnth patches and appreciation


So, I have a Shtar, and I am trying to send some binaural field recordings through the dual CV/audio inputs… But I’m having trouble getting it to work… top and BOT are supposed to be the inputs, and it seems like I need to put wind inside of them, and then mul it, But I am still not getting results other than a very faint hint of signal when I press the strings to the fretboard, which isn’t part of my initial patch, any ideas? Thanks!


I don’t have a shtar but if you post the code up or just a picture of it I would be happy to take a look


Ya know, it turns out to be some weird problem with the splitter I was using, apparently it wasn’t the L/R splitter but some other function…


so those inputs can be used for audio and CV?


Well, according to bartlebooth, anyways, yeah…

I def got audio through em, but not the way I wanted (l-r binaural)… I ordered a new adaptor, should Either fix the problem or at least let me rule out that it wasn’t the fault of the adapter that it’s kind of not working still


hey, could you show me a patch that would get stereo line level audio cleanly through a shnth? I could extrapolate from that maybe …


got a response:
“well, let me explain something, the adc inputs on thos top/bot auxes are
not gonna be past a telephony (shitty) audio rate. since they are muxed
with the knobs, primarily a gesture input, it is not really for processing
audio but instead, for taking cv inputs from eurorack for example. does
that make sense?”



oh bummer
thanks for posting this info