Shbobo Shnth patches and appreciation


So, I have a Shtar, and I am trying to send some binaural field recordings through the dual CV/audio inputs… But I’m having trouble getting it to work… top and BOT are supposed to be the inputs, and it seems like I need to put wind inside of them, and then mul it, But I am still not getting results other than a very faint hint of signal when I press the strings to the fretboard, which isn’t part of my initial patch, any ideas? Thanks!


I don’t have a shtar but if you post the code up or just a picture of it I would be happy to take a look


Ya know, it turns out to be some weird problem with the splitter I was using, apparently it wasn’t the L/R splitter but some other function…


so those inputs can be used for audio and CV?


Well, according to bartlebooth, anyways, yeah…

I def got audio through em, but not the way I wanted (l-r binaural)… I ordered a new adaptor, should Either fix the problem or at least let me rule out that it wasn’t the fault of the adapter that it’s kind of not working still


hey, could you show me a patch that would get stereo line level audio cleanly through a shnth? I could extrapolate from that maybe …


got a response:
“well, let me explain something, the adc inputs on thos top/bot auxes are
not gonna be past a telephony (shitty) audio rate. since they are muxed
with the knobs, primarily a gesture input, it is not really for processing
audio but instead, for taking cv inputs from eurorack for example. does
that make sense?”



oh bummer
thanks for posting this info


one handed FISHING, Plank expression derives the bits from each fret, adds em into values, I believe… I think it’s like adding MWRS bits to get changing CV on PB, but still experimenting


fyi i posted as many old patches as i could find (from everybody) plus the Fish and old Fish Software here :slight_smile: Now i don’t particularly like the new V2.0 Fish ( as it has removed random duplicate option, but there are some example patches in there that really are great - which i copied to the patches folder and do work with Fish V1.2 which i use currently.


very helpful, thank you jason!


20 chars of Thanks!!!


i didnt try Fish v2 yet, but as i understand you dont need random duplicate option because…

“Note that the previous version of Fish had randuplicate, and this has been eliminated because Tank and Boat will be bearing the burden of generating permutations of patches.”

the problem is that…

" They are not implemented yet, but Tank will be for listing things and Boat will be for scripting things in classical Lisp, thus the possibility for generative patches. "


and thx for the patches/files! :smiley:


Yes, I’m afraid he updated fish, but removed the important bit, then didn’t impliment the update!

With V2 I don’t like that all the code for different patches is now on the same page, so you have to scroll down and zoom in to look at all the different presets, instead of previously being on easy viewable on seperate tabbed pages, which I much preferred

The current v2.0 doesn’t feel like an update, but I’m sure v2.X will do when he adds the other stuff. In the meantime all the patches still open so I’ll continue to work in v1.2


i prefer text (using more sublime text on windows and shlisp on linux) than visuals (fish)…
with sublime text it is all code on same page, already has this “map” metaphor, i cant upload part of it, but can copy/paste to another tab for that, and i like text highlighting…


SAY! I have a nice little thing going on, with a few bouillibases jumping around betwixt themselves, and I want to make it so I could do that, but also go to another clean patch, and beyond… any ideas? basically, imagine 4 bouillibases that jump between each other with bar pressure, then maybe using tar, want to get out of those 4 again, to a new patch where the same bar does something else… any ideas? I read that the mul of the jump trig dennoted how many bowls to jump, but I was playing witth that, and think it’s more an offset for when to trig, than how many to jump…

any help, even “you can’t do that” appreciated!


I was also under the impression that the mul on jump determined the manner of the jump…or at least that’s how it has been seeming to me? :thinking: I’ll play around with this tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully somebody with a better handle than me will jump in before that though!


I need to get the shnth back out and do some tutorial type videos I’ve got some time coming up
I haven’t done anything with it for a while but I believe if you have a jump mul’d to 1 whatever was triggering that jump would jump by 1 each time it is triggered.
I don’t remember it wrapping around unless you where to use one of the wrapping opcodes
or you could use a wheel and have another value the also decreased the jump by one to get back to the previous patch
as long as a bar press is MUL’d down low you can absolutely switch between a small amount of patches that could then be offset by another button (tar) press which would select between another set of patches
using the LED opcode could be nice for some feedback maybe from the MUL’d bar plus offset combination or just the MUL’d bar
if you where only switching between two sets of 4 subpatches
you could ADD a TOGGLE triggered by TAR MUL’d to 4 and a bar MUL’d to 4
ADD the above with 1 and then put that inside the jump that should give 1-4,5-8
if you want to switch between more subset than that you would have to think about how you want to navigate between them

do you want to have to press multiple buttons at the same time to pop into a subset of patches to play in where no held buttons would most likely represent patches 1-4 and two held buttons could represent patches 13-16
do you want toggled behavior where a trigger would leave you on a subset of patches
would you want to just increment through the patches? increment and decrement? choose randomly? choose randomly and also change the range of patches to be expressed through the BAR pressure?

I miss playing with this even more now I think I’ll pop it on the charge tonight

I’ve thought about two of the V2 shnths for stereo processing for a long time but I’m still holding out for an oval (or anything frankly) format stuber which was briefly talked about on his website

hope this helps keep asking away


you know, I’ll ask peter to clarify at the workshop in SF tomorrow, haven’t had a chance to get down to brass tacks here yet, so will see what he says!