Shedding "Flocking KF Variations"

Hello, it’s taken a little while, but 62 micro-songs from a 2018 tour with @jwm are being released on the wonderful label Fluf out of Copenhagen. Just figured I’d make a little post about it.

These are two track single-cycle waveform improvisations on an Octatrack using a third track to capture those sounds occasionally and simulate a tape reel. Nothing sequenced. I have some 2019 flocking material from a couple summer shows that I’m still trying to find a home for in time for a few west coast US shows with Josh this summer. This is a loose theme I’ve explored on and off for about five years.

You can listen and order if you feel inclined at the Fluf Bandcamp page here:

Shuffling is encouraged :slight_smile:


I’ve been absolutely enthralled by the idea since you first mentioned the release

Thanks for sharing these flocking tracks in such a unique format!

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I have pre-ordered a disc of this material and look forward to shuffling; nice one.

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I have received my disc. Strangely, the package did not appear to have postage on it but still appeared at my house here in the North-west of the United States.

The composition strikes me as truly lovely though I have only listened to it straight through, like a coward. I vow to shuffle next time and experience the hallucinations.

Excellent stuff.


Thanks for listening. I guess there was an issue that Tuuun is going to address with folks and you’ll get a new copy. Glad you enjoyed though. Now, shuffle…hallucinations NOT guaranteed :slight_smile:

I just listened to my Flocking 2019 recordings for the first time in a few months as I ponder a self-release. I’m sure I’ll be spamming about that eventually too. Similar theme, different zones in a lot of ways.

Just a quick note: there was an error in the CD and it was temporarily pulled and replaced. SO, if you got on the Bandcamp page seeing it was out of stock, it wasn’t, and is back and available. Tuuun is mailing everyone who got the original one that was messed up a new copy.