Shell Runner


a simple and practical interface for the norns to list and execute any shell script located in its “scripts” directory directly from the norns.

scripts can be for bash, python 2.7, lua, or anything else that is stock on the norns.


I always find it troublesome when i want to sit down with hardware and just work on a new thing without losing whatever I was previously working on. so I’ve started writing shell scripts to do backups quickly without disconnecting gear and involving a laptop. I needed a way to do this directly from the norns and this is a straightforward way of doing this. maybe others will find it useful/convenient.




if you have a script you want to be executable from the norns, throw it into ~/dust/code/shell_runner/scripts/ and it should show in the list.

if you have a nice shell script you think others will find useful, feel free to submit a PR.

three scripts are included by default:

  • backup tape data (with option to upload to the cloud)
  • backup a connected OP-Z (when OP-Z is in disk mode)
  • clear all of shell runner’s data (hopefully after you have grabbed the data off of the norns)

all the backup data from those scripts is copied to ~/dust/data/shell_runner/

note that files are moved from the tape directory to the ~/dust/data/shell_runner/ directory

make sure to check that your data was uploaded or that you have downloaded your data from the norns BEFORE using the clear data script. that script REMOVES the backup from the norns

automatically uploading to the cloud with rclone

for my own uses, I also enable the scripts to upload directly from the norns to cloud storage. to enable this:

  1. install rclone onto your norns by ssh’ing into the norns and using these instructions:

  2. setup a cloud drive and call it “drive” within rclone.

  3. uncomment the last line in the two included backup scripts.

this will backup your tape directory and/or your OP-Z and immediately upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, or any of the supported cloud providers from rclone.


v1.0.2 -


OP-Z backup :heart::heart::heart::heart:


This is a great idea!


added in an OP-1 script for good measure.

feels good to wipe both of the devices when I just want to sit down and improvise :slight_smile:

v1.0.2 -

Also as a note, the OP-1 and OP-Z backup scripts are actually just generic usb device backup scripts. All they really do is take the first usb disk drive mounted to the norns and copy its contents to a folder named op-1 or op-z.