Shield seems buggy.

Is Shield prone to overheating?

I played around with it for a little while today and it started acting squirrely.

This is after a reboot to try to resolve no output from the engine despite being turned all the way up.

I let it cool down for about an hour and it seems to be working again. Haven’t been able to reproduce the issue but I did notice some of the graphics hanging and/or flickering for some reason.

I just got it yesterday so I reached out to the guy that sold it to me. Is this thing broken?

Sidenote: no devices/controllers, already checked for updates, this is a pic of the power supply he gave me:

hi hi! hope all’s well otherwise – just a heads up that i also replied to your email to the support inbox, but just wanted to close the loop publicly as well :slight_smile:

this is not normal/expected behavior, so if the unit came with an SD card, i’d try a fresh install of the norns system first. we recommend that all used units get a fresh flash before use, to ensure you’re starting from a clean slate.

if this doesn’t resolve things, we can work it out through our email chain :gem: