SHORT STORIES (Side One and Two)

Hi, all! - I’ve been loving the Disquiet Junto challenges here on Lines. I’ve been using it for the creation of a new record, ideally having each track telling a small story and around a minute or less per piece. It’s been really nice to have participated for the last fifteen weeks, or so. I’m thankful to Marc for creating the challenges.

Here’s the first completed piece, now up on Bandcamp. Nine tracks for $5.

These are Disquiet Junto numbers 0372 through 0379.

The idea is to tell an ongoing story through the Junto challenges. Full EP found here:


Just posted Side Two. Been a cool experience mapping out tracks and rearranging into cohesive sides. Planning six sides total. Here’s the second one:


Hi all: I’ve completed this album, in full, and as a final piece modified it to also play in Radio Music. The original concept with Short Stories was it be played on a small television set, each track being its own “Channel” (like NBC, CBS, etc)

Radio Music makes this work perfectly. So each download includes a bank to be dropped into any working Radio Music SD card bank. Download and other art included with purchase.