Show us your guitar setup

We have a thread for pictures of modulars, but I know there’s a lot of guitarists in this forum, so post photos of your guitar setup here. I’m in the process of revamping, so looking for ideas / inspiration :slight_smile:


My pedalboard is really unorganized right now because I just tore it down, but this is basically the setup I’ve been rolling with recently. I used to have a massive board but i simplified it because it started to get frustrating to lug it around everywherez The signal chain goes guitar -> Digitech Rp355 (first pedal I ever got, still use it for a lot of stuff) -> Polish Power Pedals Onca (custom pedal that is his take on the Roland AG-5 Funny Cat, it’s basically an insane filter/distortion box but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever played with) -> Boss DD-6 -> Make Sounds Loudly Digital delay (really lo-fi delay that has a bit of a tape sound to it). I run that into a Fender Princeton Chorus, which is a pretty cheap used amp but it has a lot of volume and a pretty great sound. I’m also about to get an Boss LS-2 to be able to run my guitar directly into my computer and back out to my pedalboard.


Been playing classical more than electric lately. When I do plug in I have a Neunaber Wet+Exp, and when I want to get my Kevin Shields on, I use Guitar Rig, although a trial of Positive Grid Bias has me thinking about that a bit. I have a Behringer FCB1010 I can use to control the software.

My latest …

Now I need to get a proper guitar amp. I’ve been playing through a Roland VG-99 virtual guitar system for over a decade now. Recently I went to a guitar shop and tried a few guitars through a Jazz Chorus and it made me decide to get rid of what I had an go for something more “real”. This coupled with he fact I already have a bunch of stomp boxes I use with synths, of which I like he sound and interface a lot more than the VG-99. I’m also on the hunt for an inexpensive strat for that jangly single coil sound I’ve realized I’ve been missing in my life.


I’ll add to the jazzmaster love. Built it from ebay parts (maple strat neck, random electronics, J Mascis pickguard and hardware):

The Mark V was my dream amp during my teenage years, while I was set on becoming the next “shred-god.” After my first year of college I finally spent an entire summer working to save up for this amp. Even now outside of the realm of prog-metal and my adolescence fueled days of “too-many notes”, it’s still the pinnacle of guitar tone to me. I’m glad I was able to buy it before I had real responsibilities! :grin: Also through my studies at school I discovered a love for synthesizers and eurorack and well…we all know how that goes!


I had a Jazz Chorus half-stack and I’m a big believer - smooth solid state distortion with a distinct flavor, Tweez-style chorus, and nice cleans. I just sold my only guitar amp (downsized post-rock Connor to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) and am trying to sell my last electric guitar - a cool sunburst Eastwood Airline. I’ll be down to my dad’s old Guild acoustic.

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Nice :slight_smile: I was a big Petrucci fan in high school and university so I always lusted after a rectifier or Triaxis. Now I’m more about the dreamy and ambient, though I do like the occasional heavy riffing still…

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Here’s some of my setup. Not pictured are the actual guitars, for some reason I don’t have any pics.

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This was from a rehearsal for a recent gig in Helsinki. My brother-in-law’s beautiful Fender Musicmaster into a Pd patch running in PdParty on an old iPad 2…


Experimenting where I split the signal via my tuning pedal then put it back together at the end with a delay pedal. So far so very very swirly


Using this for my current project. Mostly using a Mexican Fender Strat and Fender Mustang Bass through it. Playing into a Blues Jr. and AC15.


Which roland amp is that?

It’s a Roland Mobile Cube:

I’d love a count to 5. Are they amazing? Keep meaning to implement something similar in my organelle but haven’t got around to it

It’s a very inspiring pedal for me. But needs a looper afterwards to really fit into my playing style. Some of the “randomness” needs repetition so it doesn’t seem so random. One of my favorite things to do with guitar on the CT5 is to arpeggiate a chord and have the randomness set high. So it grabs the arepeggiated chord and then starts playback at random spots. So it’s sort of random arepeggiation. The CT5 is one of the few pedals that I’ve set time aside to read manuals, sit with and take notes on. So it requires some work but the results are pretty interesting/rewarding.

I also have an Organelle that I am criminally under using. So if you want a tester for the CT5ish patch you’re working on I’d totally be up for it. I could also send you sound samples to help.

I do not believe CT5 is worth after market prices though. So if you’re interested, mailing list is the way to go.

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So a light bulb went off for me when you mentioned this…

A Turing Machine [pedal] would be a great addition to the CT5 with the expression input.


If you have a modular setup, you could use an ALM Busy Circuits SBG to output the Turing Machine voltage to the CT5.

Please! Just do it! Write a pd patch emulating that thing!!!

+1 for the alm sbg
also i use this thing to add randomness to some of my pedals with cv/exp in (also on vca´s to sync some am) :slight_smile: