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I’ve got one of these and never thought of this… I know what I’m doing tonight :slight_smile:


Any guitarists on here recording without using amps? I’m a synth player just getting into recording with guitar and would like some hardware to interact with, but I don’t have enough room in my apt for an amp.

Would a good pre amp pedal be a decent replacement to get a good tone before other FX? Recommendations?


Currently using a blackstar 1hr (1 watt valve head) with a cab SIM output option. But I’m really liking the vox mv50 nanotube ampheads. My guitar tech pal tuned me into them. They sound ferocious with a mooer micro preamp in front of them.

Also if you a recording into a saw consider using an amp SIM and can sim. You can do a lot worse than the lepou freeware stuff. Just make sure you get some nice impulse responses for the can simulator.

I have had good results from Live’s built in amp plugin too.


I usually record straight into the sound card. Sometimes there’s a SHO clone in front for a little more gain. I’m using a UA Apollo Twin which has a great instrument input and amp plugins but I also like using the Neve 1073 plugin with a 1176 or LA-2a. Gets gritty and nasty. Not really amp-like at all but still cool and a little retro.


You might want to checkout the Neunaber Iconolast Speaker Emulator. Great DSP from this company in their reverb/delay/chorus algos, so I’m willing to bet it sounds good. It also has a headphone out too.


I record two ways:

  1. For clean tones I use my Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40 via the line out to my sound card. I put a 1/4" -> 1/8" adapter into the headphone socket as a dummy to keep the actual speakers from making any noise. Works great.
  2. For not as-clean to super distorted tones I use a Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp which IMO sounds great. It’s an actual tube amplifier that rackmounts into a 2U space and can do anything from sweet cleans to slight crunch / overdrive to crushing distortion. I’ve always been a huge fan of the rectifier sound, so I was pretty excited when I found out this existed.

Then you an either find some cabinet impulse responses, either free or buy from a place like Ownhammer which has a big collection of really high quality sounds. The IR can be loaded into any convolution reverb plugin and really gives that extra something to the guitar sound.


Always curious about this as neunaber stuff is sensational sounding. Need a good preamp though apparently.

These mini preamps sound great (I shall be picking up the 5150 clone).


AWesome! Thanks so much to @steveoath @jonny @kisielk and @bradfromraleigh for your input. This is a great start to building my guitar sound + rig. All the best.


Nice tenor guitar :slight_smile:


I’ve been enjoying playing my guitar though a trogotronic m277 then straight into the interface. Feels about as good as my old vox and no mic work.


I’ve got a Tech 21 VT Bass DI, that works very well for guitar as well as bass. Lots of gaining/etc. options, nice EQ and gain controls. And it sounds very good.

There are other similar pedals, though they don’t all have DI included.


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