Show us your modular system


i’d like to learn from the systems of others…
my current rack:
and my wishlist:


Current rack:

I need to acquire the SuperPower so I can put the Mordax Data back into the case (my older Move 208 case doesn’t have quite enough power for all my digital modules). I’m not done assembling the Even VCO. I don’t have the TXi and TXo yet, but I’m looking forward to them!

Not sure where I want to go next.


thanks @jasonw22
i’m looking for a good oscilloscope, do you like the Data?
and the expert sleepers es3 is also on my wishlist.

#4 :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously… my home system is something like this:

There’s a few things missing that I can’t remember what they are at the moment… and then I have another case 2x 104hp case for gigging which has a few other modules and also stuff I move back and forth.

Edit: added maths :slight_smile:

I also have a Doepfer VCO-2RM which has been out at Big City Music for repair for like 6 months now…


My system is in two racks. My “main” one is a 12U that almost looks like this:

There are a few things in there that I don’t actually have yet, but it’s getting closer. It also changes frequently as I continue planning and experimenting.

I also have a “control” rack that houses sequencers and modulators.

This one is still a work in progress. At the moment I have a little more than half this one built up and in use.


Currently looking something like this


I self imposed 2 restrictions:
A) never exceed two rows (so hard!)
B) make it a self contained instrument

That means I am often trading and refining. But I am rather happy with this right now:

Morphagene is preordered. And cold Mac is not here yet. I did have to make room for them though. Optomix and telharmonic got the boot.


This is me:


  1. The Batumi is waiting for me at UPS.

  2. I use CV Toolkit a lot, via the ES-3.

  3. The Hikari, the Filt, and likely one of the Doepfer are on the chopping block.


I do like the Mordax Data. I haven’t used the O’Tool, so I can’t really compare them, aside from note that the Data has more channels and the O’Tool uses less HP. The ES modules end up getting used in almost every patch. I especially love the ES-6 for multi-tracking and ITB effects.


my current rack

from my point of view the VCAMatrix is indispensable…
I would like to add the Furthrrrr Generator


This is mine.
Waiting for the BD808 (today hopefully) and the Earthsea, on the purchase list will be a second Clouds, the Overseer when it is released, a Beast’s Chalkboard because I’m constantly missing the one I sold, and the TXo. On the chopping block will be Veils and Sound of Thunder expander.


this is me. i stumbled into a wild deal on a pgh structure 360 so it’s still a little vacant and a touch disorganized, but I’m happy w/ the gist of what’s happening!


I got a little Doepfer Beauty Case to store basically one other module, a Hexinverter MIDI2CV that I can trade out with the ES8 depending on if I’m pairing my case with Max or with my Octatrack.

Otherwise, this is it:


Nearly all of a DIY journey which started back 15 years ago…

I swore I was never going to get into eurorack, but then the monome modules appeared and this happened…

…things are slowly shifting around and changing as I work to establish self contained functional groups (everything is in 4ms modular rows or plus modular cases).


I started in 2013 with a shared system then got a M9104 5A Monorocket. I really like where it is now.


Here’s my most recent setup:

I’m actually thinking about going even smaller with my skiff. You can get so much functionality out of an Ansible/ grid, and I like the idea of really small systems.


I recently upgraded to a 208hp case I picked up second-hand. Very very happy with how things are setup now. But (there’s always a “but” isn’t there?), I’m hoping that I’ll soon be able to pick up the Teletype/Walk bundle, and of course take a couple things out and shift things around as needed.


… so I guess I have a spending problem and a super supportive wife.

This isn’t one case; its actually two small cases (7u x 104hp and 7u x 84hp) and a single HEK rack (the Mannequins row). The bottom row doesn’t really exist - just a holding place for modules that aren’t being used at the moment (I removed them for this thread).

EDIT: Rats. so I was moving stuff back and realized I messed up my original. The image now represents where I think I’m heading - I was actually going to ask for feedback on this but didn’t want to start a gear-centric thread here (glad someone beat me to it). I have everything but the RxMx, the second Mangrove, the 3 Sisters, and the Microphonie.


just got a MI Braids today, installed it, played with it for a while, very very fun and useful module!
(had to resist my urge to buy a second one right away)


Here’s my most recent series of investments: an attempt at getting toward the music easel level of comprehensive instrument in a small box. Just putting the finishing touches on the Two59 oscillator this weekend (replacing the Function in the image below).