Show us your modular system


I was really lucky to live in Perth, Western Australia where NLC is based and Andrew hosts a monthly meetup where we DIY his modules.

Will hopefully get this VCA matrix when I can afford it!

Any pointers to make more drone-y/softer/less aggressive noise from this?


Been looking for the Nord Modular G2 for months :disappointed_relieved: Hope i’ll find one soon enough.


Maybe filtering? I’ve been using the 3 Sisters formant mode to carve out specific frequencies in very noisy sounds from a rungler. This is the kind of sound I’ve been going for:


This video is excellent. What are the Tape Speed parameters controlling? Max samplers? ER-301? w/?

@sellanraa, I hope she’s okay!
As a side note, you can skip Max and use Gibberwocky to hit something like Hermod, Shuttle Control, Yarns, etc. directly using WebMIDI:
(But yes, Max would be the way to go for generating envelopes, CVs, and whatnot)

@Taubaland, the NLC systems are not known for subtlety :laughing:
That being said, Feague and Sloths will be your best bets. Filter the dual oscs (or Bong0 sequenced with, say, 8-bit Cipher) using Fk1t and modulate the various parameters. Feague will give you quadrature modulation so that the parameters move at the same rates in different directions. Sloths will give you very subtle modulations that are perfect for drones. DelayNoMore is excellent for adding some grit to a track. I ran an extremely basic LPG percussion pattern through one to make this track:


@sellanraa - It is indeed. Admittedly not using Gibberwocky in any complex way, but it was a fun way of working.

@trickyflemming - It’s just a set of groove~s using slide~ to mimic the wind up and down of the tape. I wrote a bit more about it in the Gibberwocky thread:

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Trying out a reduced 3U rack centered around Marbles. Liberating to remove some options…


A few swaps since my last update. I mostly keep posting these pictures to see what’s changing over time and if there’s any thought behind these small changes. I keep forgetting about it; what I’ve changed and why I did.
Well, this update was a rather good one I think.
New additions: Maths, Disting and that huge Eowave filter with the tricky name. I use to have them all, but earlier versions (if Eowave Magnétosphère counts?).
I nearly sold my JF to fund something else but he backed out. Glad he did…


That … is an amazing case. Could you share who made it? It looks like 168HP wide!

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I made a search on messenger to find the guy that sold it to me and he said that it was made from these people:

Seems like they’ve closed their shop.
This case is 146hp wide, so you were quite close.

Edit: The website seems to be up and running again, but the case I’ve got (the one that is called Suitcase 292 raw) is out of stock.

Today I took a trip up to Whidbey Island in the Washington Puget Sound to visit my sisters weaving studio. She has a space in my father’s old glass blowing studio. I was bringing a custom booth that I made for her upcoming show at West Coast Craft in San Francisco. We erected the booth, did some layout planning and then we went our separate ways; I set up this patch while she worked at her loom. The sun finally started to peak out at the end of the day.
Very thankful for a day like today.
I threw together this little video, too.
Bird were chirping throughout the wetland that this open converted chicken farm resides on the edge of.


This is lovely. looks like a wonderful day. Can we hear Teletype scripts being typed? I like it!

So pretty ~~
Can I ask what’s that mixer thingy on the far left?

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That’s an old Yamaha MG102


taking suggestions! looking for a cold mac, might grab a kinks. a slim lfo and something like shades also interesting.

I’ve got 6 rows of stuff and it’s pretty much half utilities :man_shrugging:… VCAs, envelopes, attenuators, mixers, cv processing, bits and pieces.

From my first few modules, I found that attenuators are more important than VCAs, but they don’t quite have the reputation somehow.


Thank you!
And yes, there were a couple simple lines I threw in for an asynchronous trigger and a voltage offset through an attenuater for manual control over mangroves fm.
@nonwaved - Mateo was correct with the old Yamaha MG102.


This isn’t a realization I made until adding a random module. Once that hit my rack, attenuation/version and, really, utilities on the whole clicked for me.

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beautiful!! i want to live in that video.