Show us your modular system


Is that a 5U Turing? :eyes:


the newest addition to my modular family :slight_smile:


I really need to spend more time with it before deciding for myself…check this thread if you haven’t already!

yes ma’am,

looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.


wow - i don’t know but my feeling tells me that is a great little system w/ all someone need… :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lovely space and gorgeous cases to show off my modular in – but here’s what I finally consider the 1.0 version of my modular (and maybe 0.8 of my pedalboard), 680 days after the first module arrived.

On pre-1.0 versions I recorded 393 songs and a few module demos :slight_smile:

Left side:

rack on ModularGrid

Right side:

Mantis on ModularGrid

Not pictured: PC keyboard/trackball/LCD and Maschine mk2 in the middle – and the 53 other Eurorack modules that I tried and then sold or traded to get here.


What case is holding the TipTop racks? I have a similar set up using a mixer case, but I’d like something more vertical (without relying on a precarious guitar stand, as pictured below).

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Funny, I’ve been thinking about a mixer case to let me fit another row and/or actually be portable :laughing: But I’d have to put my deeper rackmount stuff elsewhere if I did.

It’s just an OnStage Stands 12U tabletop rack stand, RS7030. The back of the legs are propped up on thick corrugated cardboard pieces that came with some Ikea furniture to bring it close to vertical.

It’s open all the way around, which was nice for plugging stuff in and terrible for travel, protection, and mounting busboards. So I cut some plywood to make partial sides and a back. My Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 in the top 1U keeps anything from falling in.

Ha, nicely done! I rather like the 1U top and bottom.

While the mixer case is portable, it does not close easily patched. It can be done, but the modules around the edges require low profile cables to make it work.

also would love to see this

Good luck in nabbing a RIP, they are crafted from purest unobtainium aren’t they?

I’ve kindly been provided one next month from a very cool dude helping me out

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Studio dreams… I guess I’ll start writing that grant application :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: hehe, you and me both. I love the old science lab feel to it.

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I assume you are the Pokk! :slight_smile:
Just grabbed a bunch of your recordings on bandcamp
gorgeous stuff sir. really nice

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