Show us your modular system

last night rearrangement with a new DIY case :wink:


Nice minimal setup. What wireless keyboard do you use with TT?

Average keyboard, but works fine for me:

I have the panel+PCBs for ResEQ, VCM, and VCFQ waiting for me to brush up on my soldering skills, and track down Mouser carts.
Your post is mighty inspiring!

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I feel the same way, and have gone fully into Serge 4U. The DUSG is absolutely amazing, and for those unfamiliar with it here’s a good primer on how crazy it is:

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So funny you’d mention the RESEQ because that’s literally what i’m working on building right now. I have one that’s almost working waiting for a replacement capacitor(the leads on the polystyrenes like to break off all the time…) and I’m building another today with vintage russian millitary and tropical fish capacitors for extra grittiness. I’m going to decide which one i like between the two for my own system.

Let me know if you need any help with the mouser carts. i highly recommend using Digikey, Tayda, and texas instruments themselves for the components. you will save lots of money that way. my parts for the VCFQ were over 80ish dollars on mouser, less than 50 on tayda.

the VCFQ is another killer one but I haven’t spent as much time with it as I have with my VCFS. It deserves a thorough exploration and once the dust has settled I hope to have one.

Have you played around with any of the 3u versions to compare to the 4u? I’m still very interested in the 4u as possible points of expansion but i decided to go with the 3u for the time being because it’s more compatible with the gear i already own. Even Gary Chang switched from 4u to 3u(I sold him an NTO actually hehe) so they’re at least in the same ballpark.


I believe they are basically the same circuits, so should sound really close if not identical. I just like banana cables and the size better than 3u/3.5mm.

If you’re doing Serge eurorack though I highly recommend getting a lot of stacking cables. The Serge patching techniques really rely on stacking.


Clips of this? It looks bonkers.

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not used to take videos, just some small one on my instagram sorry

I am just curious of how would the vintage russian millitary and tropical fish capacitors sound, compared to those with polystyrene caps. The parts must be quite difficult to source?

What are your thoughts on the Tensor?


I use this one, but i would not reccomend it, due to it’s poor quality

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I like Tensor quite a bit. It’s really versatile – pitch shifter, time stretcher, virtual tape loop, reverser, random glitcher, etc.

It’s got some really clever features. The two switches can be momentary or latching. It’s listening even when “off” (if powered), so you can immediately slam your audio into reverse for instance. If you’re using it to slow down time “live”, instead of the buffer running out, it resets at what it guesses is a musically viable time.

It’s not perfect in its pitch or time shifting (it’s based on a Spin FV-1, not an FPGA or something), and you can take advantage of that to impart some interesting character.

And then there’s the hold modes, ranging from relatively basic looper (with or without overdubbing) to a double-buffered mode that is hard to predict, but sometimes is almost like a normal delay and sometimes more like someone is playing counterpoint with you :slight_smile:


I’m interested as well. I’ll be sure to make an A/B demo comparison. supposedly it’s supposed to be much more harsh and distorted. The tropical fish are relatively(?) plentiful from Smallbear electronics, and the russian ones are a bit hard to find. I used a combination of ebay and a couple actual russian component websites… apparently russian caps are popular for guitar pedals and amps.


A clean start, a full case, a new workspace, in the corner of a generous colleague’s painting studio.


nice. been enjoying following your filling of that case. big respect (and envy) for clear goals!

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I love those windows.


Instruo tanh[3] maybe? I would guess driving those Mangroves harder would sound pretty good, as would putting it in Chronoblob’s feedback loop :slight_smile:


Thanks! Having a clear goal for a mostly Make Noise-centric system helped me learn a lot more about different ways to use my modules rather than throwing together a bunch of unrelated single-function modules as I did when first starting out.


Buchla kit patched for a show Friday.