Show us your modular system


Got the new case and Mannequins modules this week. While I did imagine that I would like the modules, I could never imagine just how much! This feels like the electronic instrument I’ve always wanted but did not know existed :smiley: Absolutely fantastic expressive possibilities.

One of the “blanks” will be fit in with the Metasonix RK3 which I had to send out for repair, should be back next week or so, and with my new sound card I’ll probably get rid of the Deeper mixer eventually. I’ll be keeping both the STO and Dixie for now until I figure out which one is most useful in this configuration. The last HP once that decision is made will probably be some form of controller (if I do not go for a Roli Block Seaboard) and/or more modulation, quite interested in one of the NLC chaos modules but with all the new possibilities the Mannequins modules have provided, It’ll most likely be a while before I make any additions/changes.


Its basically a foldable MDR case. I use an MPC Live for sampling (out of the case too) and beat duties. Sometimes i plug a guitar in or chain an El Capistan into the case. I‘m really happy with this and its a ‚small setup‘ dream fullfilled-everything i ever want to do is possible here.


By the way; do you use it for synced/quantized sampling or do you just record, then trim? I’m curious about the ways people use the MPC Live with modular.


I do both. Say tweak some drum sounds in modular record wild in MPC, trim and make an instrument. I quite often record a couple of phrases off the modular in sync just to have them on a harddisk, this works really well in sync and you basically have audio tracks inside the MPC. Whats great here is that you can rerecord freely or have the input on and not record at all-all this works very much like a DAW. I still haven’t touched MPCs Looper yet, there‘s potential there as well-you probably can use this live, stacking sounds in realtime!
And there is a cool feature with the massive 2.3 update: Auto record a sample instrument😳
So you have a modular synth sound that you‘d want to record and make an instrument out of-in the MPC you determine how many notes over how many octaves, for how long, looped or unlooped and with which note/pad to start. MPC will send midi data (in my case via hermod) and automate the whole process…this is a great timesaver! What Akai presented with Force some weeks ago can all be done with the live as well, sort of, its not the same hardware. So really this is the Music Production Center :joy: 1 drawback that i can see still with my machine is that recording is limited to 44.1khz 24bit :see_no_evil: this might be different with force…but really i‘d like me some 96khz recordings off my modular, damn


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In the midst of trying to track down why my system was suddenly picking up classic rock and hip hop radio stations I decided to go ahead freshen things up a bit.
Ps. I believe the Presonus firestudio mobile was to blame…but only the preamp portion of the unit


This is 1.0 of the tape music system I’ve been working on. My goal for this year is to turn the loop jams I’ve been doing into something I can do live and keep interesting. Teletype triggering multiple w/ to return to cue points at different times seem to be the key to being able to create large changes in the feel of the piece. The matrix mixer gives me dynamic parallel/series looping options. Really happy with how it has felt thus far, needs lots more practice though.


My latest system incarnation :ghost:


Current iteration, with notes. My MMG has white knobs, the RxMx is on loan to me, and the Pressure Points is a glossy-panel placeholder without knobs or circuit board that I got from @trickyflemming (which will eventually be replaced by an actual Pressure Points module):

My goal, barring any other surprise announcements, is to upgrade from this 6U 84HP + 3U 104HP skiff and into a Make Noise 7U 104HP + 3U 104HP skiff. The few additions throughout the year would be from Make Noise (QPAS, my own RxMx and FxdF, Morphagene and the “Gene Pool” 2HP microSD card holder I want to make for it), Mannequins Cold Mac, and the Worng Electronics SoundStage.


I came up with a tentative plan for my new case which I’ve been calling “2.0” since it’s a pretty big break with my current setup…

MDLRCASE 12U x 114HP – seemed like my best choice for form factor in a case that wasn’t a little too small, a little too wide, or cost more.

Pedals will go on top of the case (Dark World, Tensor, Afterneath and maybe I’ll keep my MS-70CDR). 16n Faderbank goes in front. Microbrute will probably have to go to the other side of my desk (I’d like to replace it with a minimal MIDI keyboard, but I love its saturated filtered triangle a lot.)

The mults on the left side are my cheap 1:1 patchbay for accessing my audio interface; otherwise I use Stackables for multiples.

Those blank panels are going to park there for a while. Aside from reknobbing Maths and maybe Five-Step, I’m going to wait until I’ve sold off enough old gear to cover my 2019 spending before I spend anything else. I do have a Volca Modular on my want list, maybe a Tetrapad.

I haven’t put my Hertz Donut mk2, Kermit or Chronolob up for sale yet but I expect to once I get to know the ER-301. I might even trim things down a little more.


Are you using Vector Space without a joystick, to get variations from other modulation sources? interesting idea…


Yep, I feed it VCOs, LFOs, three René CV outputs, envelopes, in various combinations. It’s become central to most of the patching I do these days.


The system you are planning looks extremely fun and playable.

Is the Sound Stage as intuitive as it looks? I am taking the jack placement in the representation of the room very literally - the further the sound is from center stage will be its place in the stereo image and sounds farther back will be quieter than sounds up front.


Soundstage isn’t available yet so I can’t speak from personal experience. More info in the Worng Electronics thread:


For the soundstage, left/right is indeed for stereo placement (similar to Nearness in that regard). Up/down jacks placement changes some filtering, so it’s more about frequencies than volume.



Maybe a silly question since I don’t suspect it’s the star of the case, but anything notable—good or bad—about the VCA4p?

I’ve never had anything by Bubblesound, and I don’t see them discussed much in these parts. Trying to decide between this, the ever-popular Tangle Quartet (which lacks the expo mode), and the Qauttro Figaro, which while 2hp more, has some other fun bells & whistles.


I just picked it up, but it feels very similar to the tangle quartet. Haven’t played with the exponential mode much, but it’s definitely a bonus!


How are you liking Falistri?


The guys at CTRL always have good things to say about Bubblesound, they appear to be a really great value. I’d say a safe bet. I’ve owned the 6 channel mixer and dig it, only reason I sold it was I realized for something I tweak that much I’m not a fan of the smaller knobs.