Show us your modular system

any recommendations for a stable vertical stand for an intellijel 7u performance case? i’ve tried two different guitar stands and i’m not happy with either.

Hi Martin, just wanted to thank you for these incredible comparison charts! I’ve found them all extremely useful over the years.

I was also recently searching for what I only just realized was YOUR Old Fashioned 101 for a friend getting into cocktails. So well-written and really conveys what’s important (I love the step to pause and appreciate the drink). Anyway, I thought the URL looked familiar and then put it together. When my interests collide…


I’d rather spend all my time on music, but booze and computers pays for the synths.


the true origin of the name “martini” is revealed :wink:

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I am not that (137 years) old, but sometimes I feel that old trying to get out of bed in the morning.


I use a Ultimate Stands amp stand. Use it with my 10u 126hp and it’s super stable. I did modify it to lean back a bit less (cut the front legs down). Love it. It fits in my backpack as well. UltimateSupport: AMP-150

ooo thank you. i’ll check this out!

Awesome. I also cut down the arms that fold down to hold the case / amp as I hated them being in my way. Easily done with a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade.

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Whats happening around my place,
ignore the patching my 4 year old grandaughter was the last person to touch it :joy:


For the thousandth time: I’m sick of selling and buying stuff. A Crow and then I’m done.

(I think)


Oh boy, I hear you! :laughing: :crazy_face:


Almost done…


My dream system :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is very very close to what I’m thinking of slightly reducing my system to (minus the Disting MK4 and MIDI breakout, neither of which I have). Maybe a uO_c in their place.

Is there any functionality you feel you’re missing?

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This is quickly becoming my favorite modular system
Build around panels from CiatLonbarde and Sigilinstruments
Panels is just a different concept than sum of modules, I found it speeds up my workflow


The only thing I feel that I am missing is a straight up sequencer. As for the MK4 and midi breakout , they are getting replaced with a Disting EX. I looked at O_C but just wasn’t sold on it.


Interesting, thanks! I don’t feel that gap currently but it’s great to keep in mind. (Between crow, TT and Ansible + a grid I feel pretty covered).

Of course those things “cover” it, but they are not straight up sequencers like say, my Nerdseq. But the point of the case is to break out of the reliance on a typical sequencer and to force myself to work and think differently.


ha! say hey to dave wondrich

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Been really enjoying this system!
Will be replacing the euroserge with a 4U panel from LW next week… Considering trying to downsize to the point where I can git rid of the skiff, but I’m not sure which modules I’m ready to let go off :sweat_smile: