Show us your modular system

Oof. That’s a big cut. I’ve done it, but you have to ask some haaaard questions. (And probably have a few sidebar modules that live in their boxes. :sweat_smile:)


Hah exactly! Biggest question is whether the Harmonic Oscillator stays or goes… It takes up an awfully large amount of space, but it’s definitely my favorite oscillator I’ve owned and it sounds so good behind the serge TWM!

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I don’t see much I’d part with, here, but the way to do it is to unmount the modules you consider your top candidates, and place them in a drawer or plastic bin. Then resume making music. You should learn quite a bit within a few weeks.


I kinda think it looks like a well-curated system. While having an extra skiff isn’t necessarily ideal, it looks like the majority of your modules are on the larger, more playable side.

Not to discourage you if you really feel a downsize is in order, of course! Only you could tell for sure.

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i feel the same way about the harmonic oscillator. it is large and expensive but it sounds amazing. i sold mine half a year ago and still mostly regret it.

i didn’t like how distorted it would get but i did like the coloration on it when more subtle. that distortion made the spectral tilt and harmonic scan less useful to me so i would just use the sliders and vca inputs. almost felt like i wasn’t using it properly and with how expensive it is i kept second guessing whether or not i “deserved it”.

i found that just friends in harmonic oscillator mode and hexagram 6x vca can function pretty similarly to how i used the verbos but it doesn’t feel the same. there is that presence to the verbos that i haven’t replicated. i will probably get one again at some point. i found that second guessing it so much made me enjoy it a lot less. you say it’s your favorite oscillator so you should listen to yourself and embrace it!


Just waiting for the last 2 shipments to to arrive to get this case filled with all IME… Dream system for sure.


Now that’s what I call a Doepfer A-100 analogue modular system!


Almost complete…


back to monochrome for a minute



Setup for a streaming live show I did yesterday. Cheat Codes 2 sequencing Novation Peak, Mangrove (had to hack CC to output v/oct via crow) and Just Friends. BIG Make Noise blind panel due to Teletype being on vacation, my pusher is finishing up Txi/Txo+ which will be the “last” parts in this iteration of the case.

Turned out that Grid and cool stage lights was not the best combo, had to walk through various color combos of light with the light technician to ensure I could see the variations in brightness on the Grid during the set.


loving this more focused system. each filter band has a different sequence speed/timbre with cold mac, jf, kria


My smallish studio clearly needs two modular stations, so I set one up next to the drums for rhythming/sampling and with hopes to integrate a Nord Drum.



One of the few times I’m envious of other people’s systems. Solid m8

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Recently moved to live with my partner in Norway and couldn’t/didn’t want to bring my Bugbrand setup with me, so cracked out this old Analogue Systems case instead.
Thought I’d be frustrated going back to a more cramped format and using tiny cables after the luxury of bananas but it’s actually been quite a pleasant experience rediscovering an old favourite. A very ‘classic’, contained system but with lots of interesting possibilities.


last month i joined the full case club. when i started out in march 2018, i never would have thought that this would be the group of tools that i would have today. this place, and all of the amazing folks who hang around here had a huge impression on the way that i have learned and thought about synthesis for the past 2 years. all of the buying and selling things from yard sales, selling art, and support from friends and family has manifested in this object – one that i hold so near and dear to my heart.

i think that things will change eventually, but honestly – i am tired. i have been climbing this mountain of knowledge for almost 4 years. i think it is time to rest and consider this plateau i’ve reached as an opportunity to take time to learn what is in front of me even better, make, and dedicate more time + energy to sharing!


I would like “I am tired, let’s splosh” stencilled in live, laugh, love typeface on my kitchen wall one day.

Beautiful system, may I ask why the double output, or is it a leftover-hpo-as-2hp-filler situation?


god. that is an incredible idea.

it is both the result of having an hpo to use if i decide to break out a few modules into a 4ms pod 48x,
and also just as a second output for my system! i love to send two stereo signals → mixer → interface! or one output → norns → interface, then the other directly to my interface!


thanks! has been a strong pillar of my sanity these last couple of years