Show us your modular system

Laptop placement making my teeth itch :wink:


Internal scream intensifies.


did you made the case? it’s lovely :relaxed:

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That’s the library case by Landscape FM. Think they made only a very small run of them a couple years ago.


it’s okay, they’ve got a back up underneath :wink:

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What was the old adage about a backup? It’s only a backup if it’s in a different area code to the original or something like that…!

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Current setup. One tiny slot left for a Doepfer Joystick stuck in the post.


That’s a lot of envelope followers in various forms!

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I do like to process!

Edit: I should add that in the band capacity I have ideas of using the drums to trigger a range of modules, and that is the main reason for hoarding envelope followers. Obviously lockdown has put a stop to that for now, but has anyone had much success?

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I have the same keyboard for my Teletype :+1:

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i like all the componets in the back ground :slight_smile: dreams

Update on earlier status.

Still have fashion plant.


It’s been a dream of mine too! I went crazy last Saturday and labelled all of the drawers with a Dymo label maker - absolute scenes!

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I built a slightly larger (second) briefcase. This one is 90hp 7U and will be my main case along with an 84HP 6U which will be the secondary case. Just waiting to get some 1U modules before I install the final top rail so I don’t mess up the sizing of that! Excuse the mess of cables, currently experimenting with Beads :slight_smile:


Beautiful system! Your choice of modules is right up my alley. Do you tend to use the DUSG and the Maths interchangeably? Do you ever use the DUSG as an oscillator?

What happens when Volkmire’s Inferno finally comes out?

Grabbing a pair for for the great Monster Base expansion of 2021!

Ha, did the same! If you have any tips for making 'em stick… Long labels always seem to let go eventually. :sweat_smile:

Tried superglue, flaked off. Ended up with sellotape, but far from ideal :frowning:

the DUSG was one of the additions to the system! i tend to use it interchangeably with maths or in addition to maths — using the end of each cycle to trig other sections and stuff is a lot of fun! using it as an oscillator is on the roadmap of things to try out!