Show us your modular system


I just ordered 2x and they’re in the mail, so haven’t gotten my hands on them yet. I was going to get the new Doepfer quad oscillator but decided on the Twin Waves. I’m a bit worried b/c they are digital but all those wave options just seem cool as hell. I’ll let you know how it goes… I also picked up the Mangrove + Sisters. So hopefully that will be a nice chain of possibilities.



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Just got my first rig finished, on to the next 300hp… Sounds pretty decent as well, just did some Tech hits with it


my cases for live performances


the system as it stands! I work primarily with noise / drones / nonlinear and abstract synthesis and this setup has been working fantastic for me. the Echophon is such an amazing effect, it can spread drones out over octaves nicely. the grains and patchblocks give me a lot of room to experiment with new patches - right now the grains is running a turing machine program, and the patchblock a 4-oscillator sine drone perfect for laying down a base. the reverse landfill noise (wood panel module) is a beautiful CMOS noise maker with an interal patchbay, fantastic for both audio and cv. finally the Ladik mixer ties it all together - it can be set up via interal jumpers as 3 stereo, 6 mono, or a CV mixer, with an optional aux bus.

right now I’m hoping to grab another filter - the noise reap vcf 2164 is great but I’d love a three sisters or something feature rich and fancy. more immediate additions are a MIDI interface for running CC from max/msp patches, and a good ol’ disting for samples. multi-function / programmable modules make life endlessly interesting!


When your friend is renovating his house and asks if you want to borrow his 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator for a few months to keep it from collecting both literal and figurative dust, you say “yes” without hesitation.


That’s sounds like a golden situation! I’m thinking of getting one myself, how do you like it so far? I see many people having trouble getting nothing but the same sounds coming out from it.


I have one, and I don’t plan on gettting rid of it.

Really, it probably depends how much you like those sounds it does produce! I like them a lot. And then there’s a lot of variety within a small range and the ability to put audio through it too.


Smr through a wavefolder totally changed that ‘samey’ character for me and gave it tons of variety, I’m using the ssf ultrafold with it. Also, keeping the resonance lower obviously let’s the noise (or other source material) shine through and make things more interesting and less sine wavey. Using a variety of analogue noise sources (rather than the internal generator) really changed things for me too.


There’s a lot to learn about it and I’ve barely had time to crack the surface with it. I’ve only done some basic stuff with it, haven’t used it to process audio or patch anything too complex with the rest of the setup yet.


4ms have done some great videos for the SMR on YouTube, including envelope following


Coming down to the pointy end now. Could be all utilities from here on out. 12U is definitely the size for me.


A few changes:

Serge: swapped in panel #3 (from top): c. 1985 oscillator and mixer panel, to replace one with mixing/FX (phaser/freq. shifter/res. EQ) that I wasn’t using as much. Basically, with duophonic patches (as shown) I need more oscillators… just more space, more variety in the sounds. All panels are pre-STS but after the so-called “paperface” (73-76) era, even though two of them have paper faces

Oscs are a bit cleaner than the 1979 osc panel (#2) but still warmer than the STS stuff.

Aries system: removed the Roland 102 that was on top, I was making too many metallic/bell/FM type sounds which created too much overlap with the Serge. I actually get more out of it this way. but I miss the 102’s filter.



I would love to hear what this little set-up can do!


Here you are!


That was awesome! Looks like you have room for W/ in there…


20 characters of (edit: good) Mmmmm. :slight_smile:


is that a good mmm or a bad mmm :upside_down_face: