Show us your modular system


Not op, but that’ll be a good “mmmmm” from me :slight_smile:


20 characters of good good mmm


that’s a wild system, respect the level of commitment there.


Got my first proper case today from MDR.modular - here’s the system as of today with some pieces soon to be added and some replaced. So far loving the case


Main rack in a Pittsburgh 270:
Side rack in a Trogo travel 6u:


First trip into modular town, working out what I need for the bottom half, Probably a lot of VCAs and EGs. Wouldn’t mind a morphogene too when I get the cash/permission to buy more stuff


How do you like the TINRS Tuesday? Do the algos start to sound samey after a while?


Here is my synth. :sparkles::man_dancing::man_cartwheeling::control_knobs::microphone:

Latest tracks + videos

Work in progress. Bought a case as my DIY efforts lacked space. Check out christophercyan on ebay as his kits are great.

1U is earmarked for some DIY modules and digiverb!

Potential space for TT? Or something.


My “main” rack:

Muta Jovis is preordered. The left Patch Multiple is upside-down, with patch cables “permanently” plugged in to one side of each so I can use it as a “trunk line.” 12 connections go to my other case, and 4 to my audio interface.

My Mantis:

The numbered blank panels are placeholders for modules in beta test. Mimetic Digitalis and Field Kit FX are preordered. I have 30HP free right now aside from those.

I also have a Microbrute which I love, an SH-01A which I like but might not stick with, Maschine MK2 and CV.OCD. A few rarely used toys (Thingamagoop 3000, Kastle, Perpetual Spring Device etc.)

Current thoughts about changes:

– I don’t want to expand to more/bigger cases, I just want to refine.

– Sequencing: while I mostly have been using MIDI, I like working with unquantized values and pattern manipulation in Euro as well. What’s in my system now is the third or fourth iteration – and now I plan to replace most of it with a Teletype and the Mimetic Digitalis (with the matrix mixer occasionally serving to convert gate combinations to analog CVs).

– FX: Similarly, I use a lot of VST plugins for end-of-chain stuff. I would like to explore spring reverb, and a little bit of clockable/CVable FX, but don’t want to dedicate too much rack space to it. I’ll see how I feel about the Field Kit FX, or whether I’d be just as happy with a Springray. I’m kind of thinking about picking up a Behringer Neutron, which would mean having an analog BBD in addition to a whole extra synth :laughing:

– ER-301. Looking into the Teletype led me to look there as well. I’m impressed by its capabilities and flexibility and the interface looks pretty friendly, considering. It frankly seems like a game changer. But I feel like I border on too many sound sources already and would have to let go of something that I like already – most likely Hertz Donut or Double Helix. It would of course also serve for effects and utilities.

Edit: not long after posting that, I ordered a Teletype to replace the G8/Stoicheia/Klasmata/Logica. The rest of my plan: sell SH-01A and Double Helix; replace it with a Behringer Neutron, the uFold I was going to sell and a Dynamic Impulse Filter, and pick up an ER-301 when they’re available. The ER-301 seems likely to replace some of my other modules too.

I’ll post pics when things are less in flux :slight_smile:


Very nice…which fx are you using? and what is the 2hp thing in the middle?


That 2hp thing looks like the Minimix from Złob.


It really depends on what you’re trying to get out of it. There’s quite a few different algos and they don’t really sound samey but the X/Y variations don’t really seem to change enough about them to me that I use them a lot. I got it strictly because I’m shit at sequencing melodies and wanted something to generate lines for me and if you’re lazy like me, it’s great.


The 2hp module is the Zlob minimix indeed, very handy!
The effects i’m using are the beautiful ++flipper by Tome Erbe and the Teufelsberg Reverb by Balance, both software of course. :slight_smile:


i hadn’t heard of this - i just listened to the demo on their site and i’m 100% downloading it when i get home, thanks for the tip!


I am lazy like you and have been using the RANDOMIZE button on a Voltage Block to achieve similar results.


This is wonderful. I’m digging into your bandcamp now. Sorry if this is a little ignorant but is JF the sound source in this one?


The last of the System Cartesian is gathering dust in a cupboard. I’m feeling much more creative with this setup.


7u intellijel performance case, full :grin:


Current photo.