Show us your modular system



just chopped up some fresh bargain bin records to cover up the vacant space, had to unpatch the case and move it out of its dark corner for a glamour shot!

w/, DPLPG, and a buffered mult will be replacing that 6hp spacer in the next few days; just sold my 0-Coast on Reverb so i think i’m going to pull the trigger on a teletype! having so so so much fun with this machine.


Love the DIY cover idea!


I’ve been thinking about doing something similar with my empty spaces. I love how yours turned out!


@robbbiecloset @Aetherpulse

thanks! it’s much more interesting than blank aluminum panels.

i used a blank panel to get the 3U height right - getting it exactly X hp wide can be a little finicky but it’s not too bad.


This is my current setup. Controlling with an Elektron Digitakt. It’s split in two cases.


Going to fill the last 2hp with a W/

I have a happy ending kit waiting in the closet for more goodness. Zeroing in on a Nebulae 2, erbe verb, Eloquencer and Piston Honda MKIII


This is my beloved little setup. I’ve got a LPF from 2hp on its way, but I suspect it’s lost in the mail so that little gap is the only thing left to fill. I might replace a Rings with Plaits, but I’m not sure yet. And that power module will be replaced by a drilled hole on the side of the case. Otherwise this is what I promised myself to have the remaining of this year. (That’s a promise I’m not going to keep…)


Not exactly Eurorack.


Very intrigued by this. Is JF the sound source? My understanding was it’s primarily an envelope generator.


Rejigged the bugs again today. Need another frame from Tom I’ve got another 11fw of modules sitting without a frame at the moment!


It is an envelope generator, but when you cycle an envelope very fast you get…an oscillator! In particular JF has six of them with variable harmonic relations, waveshape and fm. In addition to this when paired with teletype there is an additional sound mode in which everyone of the six oscillators can be pitched individually. Hope to have explained it decently :slight_smile:


JF is my favourite oscillator. Beautiful stuff and weird rich noisy waves, then always a different tone from any of the outputs when you want, or mix. Brilliant.


Ah nice, didn’t realise teletype opened up new functions. Sounds great!


Here’s the polysynth mode managed by teletype :slight_smile:



not terribly exciting, but here’s the small rig I have with me on this tour.


This is my 12wls Buchla system. My 227e is in a separate boat.


oh, I don’t know - I’ve been really enjoying all the backstage patches.