Show us your modular system


That’s a Tin Shed Modular robot on top?


Yeah :slight_smile: 20 blablablabla


This is where I am at the moment (marbles is pre-ordered… can’t wait for that one :slightly_smiling_face:)

Sequencing is currently playing Pressure Points manually and using a Korg SQ1 (I’ve got my eye on a Monome+Ansible when they become available again).


Got a new case today from Lamond Design


Definitely loving what you’ve been getting out of this lately!


Just bought a DPO from @Benjamin_Mauch, in yet another satisfactory lines forum purchase. My system will look something like this once it’s added:

I’m still debating which two 20HP Make Noise modules will be best to fill the remaining space. My options are Echophon, Erbe-Verb, RxMx, and Morphagene. (or the recently retired Phonogene) I’m trying to keep this initial system SD-card free for now, which means the Morphagene is lowest on the list. Echophon, Erbe-Verb and RxMx are all must haves for me, so it’ll be hard for me to decide on the two I need most prior whenever I can afford to expand into a 7U 104HP case.


Learning how to blast the lap-steel through the system. V. rewarding to use guit-fiddle to trigger events or just run it thru Piston Honda’s wave-tables. End-of-the-night pic, so unpatched.



How do you like that there IFM SWOOP? What do you use it for?


i use it for a ton of stuff stimulating the MOD on the plonks, adding variety to the RIngs and tweaking the belgrade it’s super fun


Get the tsnm in there! :grinning:



It’s amazing what you can do with vector rails, some poster board, a few balsa wood dowels, a handful of brads, and a boatload of packing tape.

(The reason for the silly balsa wood racked mini-row next the the 0-Coast is that I outgrew my small rack and haven’t decided if I want to go longer or taller so I threw all the passive modules up there until I decide.)


Hi there,

showing my little rack seems a like a nice first post in this forum :slight_smile:


after the picture i added an expert sleepers fh-1, sold the beatstep pro, and i’m about to buy a 128 grid + ansible (so i’ll have to move a couple modules around and perhaps eliminate the voltage controlled clock div from sssr labs, bottom left)
the case is a custom portable 12u 104hp made by Clank (italy)


Over the past few months I’ve made myself a 12u case and filled it halfway full of modules that I think are complimentary to making live techno in an intuitive, expressive and fun way. It’s centered around a Turing Machine, Make Noise DPO and a Basimilus Iteritas Alter. I’ve also dipped my toes into DIYing modules, and currently have the parts for a RS Serge VCFS and VCFQ on order. I really enjoy the mindset of patch programmability because it allows modules to be hyper flexible while still being intuitive and ergonomic. Over the next few years I plan to fill out this case with a RS SSG, MN Pressure points, Befaco Rampage, SSSR Matrixarchate, a few Mangroves, and a couple other modules with west coast flair.

here’s a little jam that i recorded testing out a theoretical patch for a live set. Very rough and unpolished but SO MUCH FUN, and I have all the time in the world to learn to play this instrument :slight_smile:


I love that jam!


Your system looks really fun! How do typically find yourself using Cold Mac and the Quad VCA? Do they cover similar ground in your patches?


Thank you! I’m quite pleased with this setup. I’ve made some changes during this month, even though I’d told myself to keep it as shown on the picture. I’ll post an update soon.

I’ve actually had some trouble to understand Cold Mac so I just bought an oscilloscope to see what’s doing on. It does so much that it scares me sometimes. I’ve mostly used it to pan stuff and tried to achieve some these exciting cv process possibilities:

The Quad VCA is mostly used in a more traditional way and for some mixing duties.


What case are you using?


That’s a Make Noise Powered Skiff. Or, in that photo, just over half of one.