Show us your modular system


Welcome aboard!! ////


Getting ready for a road trip, and I wanted to bring a synth… well, I wanted to bring all of the everything, but needed to cut it down to 6U x 104hp. Here is what I settled on. :slight_smile:

I’ll also be bringing a K-mix, and I usually just run straight out of the euro into it, which sort of explains the lack of 1,000,000 discrete VCA’s


woof, what a beaut! :+1: :+1: :+1:


how you use the third ansible?


The third just came in a few days ago, and I got it to replace my Earthsea, mostly.
1x Earthsea, 1x Cycles, and 1x Kria, is a fairly common setup for me. :slight_smile:


Lovey! Hope the trip inspires you!


Gorgeous synth, gorgeous cat statute, gorgeous selection of comics.


Incredible travel rack! Have you read any Saga?


Haha, I have! They are all just off screen :slight_smile: Wonderful series.


Do you tend to control the 'genes using your monome stuff? If so, what usually wiggles what?

Also, this is plenty exciting. Remember when people would have seen this in 2004 and been like “whaaaaaaat?!!” I remember looking at Prefuse’s Voyager on the cover of extinguished and being, like, “I don’t know what those knobs do, but I want to…”


2x84hp case for playing electroacoustic noise live.
The skiff is meant to supplement the case so that I can do proper synth stuff at home without reorganizing the case… but it’s in disarray.
The lunchbox is so I can take a few modules with me on the Greyhound bus to the beach.


I guess this is as good of a topic as any to end my lurking :sweat_smile:

(Monome Grid attached to Ansible, out of view)


The system as it stands currently. I think the rest of the System Cartesian is headed to be sold…


Tons of AI Synthesis in there because that’s my company and I get it for cheap ;p


When I return my friend’s SMR, add my MMG, and rearrange a bit, I’ll have this:

The remaining 20 HP in those two 84 HP rows will either be filled like this:

Or like this with reverb being handled onboard on my mixer’s built-in effects options:

Decisions, decisions…



That’s an early version Speak & Spell with round buttons, nice…


Sound recording, please!


I heard the early Speak ‘n’ Spells had a fatter tone and paired better with Simon… :wink:


this is my newest little system, really loving what i get out of it! teamed up with my 4track last night and got no sleep.