Show us your modular system


Ultimate Powerhouse Modular Experience.

EDIT: Where can I hear some clips of that there thing?



there’s quite a bit there, been going nuts on it! :open_hands:t3:


Pretty new here. Mostly been lurking but decided it was time share. I’m a software developer by day, mediocre loop maker by night.

Here’s what I have now (plus a 128 Grid):

Here’s currently what I’m working towards, although this keeps changing as I learn more:

And here’s where I’ve been posting short videos:

Loving this community so far. Everyone has been very welcoming and it’s fun to see what others are doing.


My system never felt as complete as it does right now. Super happy with it.

Here’s the modulargrid version:


What’s the black-and-grey knobbybox above arc?


Looks like a Softube Console 1.


That’s exactly right.


@x2mirko @adrianf Thanks! I learned something today!


Played a set with some tape machines tonight


how you use the axis generator? with arc? for melodies?


Mostly with Planar or Teletype. I mainly just like to create many interrelated modulations with it. Now that you say it, I don’t use it for melodies nearly often enough.


Downsized from a 6U+3U set up to this for a show I have coming up and have been having more fun with it than I’ve had with modular in months. I’m using it with a Leap Motion for gesture control sent out through the ES-8, which definitely adds to the fun!


learning my way around a dslr with a shoddy lense… this is where I’m at, about a year in. Today I was experimenting with using three sisters as a sound source, which I haven’t done nearly enough. I’ve been trying out the two operator fm patch from the manual and finding some great sounds.


About a month ago I posted a picture of my setup that was intended to be like that for the rest of the year. This is where I’m at today. Not sure about tomorrow…


I know how that feels. I thought last week I was settling the final details of my system for a while, but I’ve been mashing F5 on various sites today for Superbooth announcements.


This is P E R F E C T I O N +20


I’m trying to stay away, going offline, but it’s hard. Happy about that new Morphagene update at least (so I don’t have to spend some money and letting stuff go).


I was doing pretty ok with my 2018 new year’s resolution to not buy any gear this year.

Then my partner and I talked about radically downsizing for the tiny home we’re building and I decided I could rationalize selling all my outboard to replace it all with eurorack modules. You know…for a smaller footprint…and an insufferable GAS fire in my pants…


if you physically downsize, end up with stuff you like/use more, and are ahead financially (all seem possible when selling outboard gear, depending on what you have) then maybe it really does make sense!


This is where I’m at. Quadratt not in yet and have veils where the 2 2HP vcas are I want to free up some space and don’t need the mixing function of veils. Looking forward to getting plaits (should be soon hopefully) and l’il Erebus (arriving next week). Drums are routed through a passive 4 way mixer.

Ladik bool3 and make noise LXD not in rack atm.