Show us your modular system

Too right… best to keep it nice and neat and simple :wink:


Minimal patching, I like it


I took some beauty shots of my setup recently so I thought I’d finally post my setup here. My little corner. I like to trigger video clips so I have the TV set right up next to me. The case is all DIY built and actually disassembles and folds up pretty neat. Still, I think it’s a bit of a chore to unwrap and set-up in a live situation. The Zaxxon sign was the most recent addition. The sign itself was given to me years and years ago. I only recently turned it into an Arduino project. I can trigger the light and switch programs using triggers and gates from the modular. I do love my little corner.


So rad! I spent literally buckets of quarters on Zaxxon back in the day.


What happens when the 292t get released?

I have room for that, but in general at this point I am going to be very selective about what comes and goes.

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Still finding this 9U a reasonable scale to work.


Got all the gaps filled finally… Aside from 1hp left open due to a miscalculation. Oh well!


Ha! The extra secret Arturia HP


The eternally rotating mess/meditation/bass/processing station(s). I have loose modules off to the side but would rather swap out as I go than get another case for now.


Just finished a studio reorg, consolidating all my modular gear to this desk. Most of my stuff is heavily DIY modded and detailed on Reddit and the old(:sob:) Mutable forum if anyone is interested in the nitty gritty.


Seeing those two photos on top of each other without a border made me lose my faith in perspective for a moment.


Ha, sorry, I had to cheat. I’m new around here so they would only let me post one pic :grinning:

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My portable “instant-fun” case.


Where do the cat5’s goto when you patch the octa-link thingy?

…other cases? video synths? other HW? a MONTER case?

*over-active imagination making vvhirling noise in background

It goes to my other “sound-design” case, of which I do not have a picture to share right now, so here’s a modulagrid link. I used to patch over both cases with long cables, but it’s much less hassle thanks to the A-180-9.

With the addition of a Bark Filter, the euro rack is done, complete, not growing or changing. It’s set up to interface with the Octatrack and Easel and this time for real it’s finished. For really real.


Ohhh a Helvetica Scenario. Very interesting indeed. What are you using it for in the context of this setup?

Can never have too much random. It’s an interesting unit, one side has a distinctly different range of random than than other, whether that’s by intention or not I don’t know. But to me it has some nice practical features and it complements the Wogglebug nicely.