Show us your modular system

Reorganized my rack a bit after getting rid of a couple modules and acquiring Belgrad, really liking both Belgrad and the slightly changed ergonomics of the layout after the reorg.


Fun stuff.


Oh yeah, this looks fun! How are the Akidos working out so far?

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Aikidos are great so far. Bought one and then bought the other weeks later. I really just use them as a little mixing board, but the sidechain compression and spectral stuff is great fun. I have a Quattro Figaro which was my favorite quad VCA thing and think this is a real worthy upgrade.


Here’s my little suitcase, after a nice tidy — I have most of the connections pre-patched to make its specific use case (accompanist at a dance department) as flexible & graceful as possible.

I’ve spent four hours a week performing live with this instrument over the past eight months, and I’ve never been more in love with synthesis and this particular sampling & sequencing workflow. Speaking of — typically there’s a 128 grid hooked up to the Teletype, which lately has been controlling a new 32 step sequencer I’ve coded and will be sharing once debugged!


Finally came to the conclusion that the full MI system is just not my type of sound or workflow so I’ve completly changed the case for what works for me so practially all mutable modules are out and need new homes. Sad to see it go really.

As a live system this setup works so much better and how I want things to sound. I didn't fully realise how power hungry modules have become though! this system draws the same amount of power as 4 rows of my main system. Functional density has increased a lot of the last 10 years though ;)

A Konstant lab SventyPWR is planned to replace the 2 row powers. with more than enough headroom to hopefully keep the heat down.

Edit: I meant to ask
@zuliani @cayce

I see you both have MCO’s how do you like and use it?

I’ve been tempted for a while to get one, but the only thing putting me off is there’s no FM input apart from the V/Oct so melodic drum sounds may be a tad fiddly to setup, needing an external mixer/adder for pitch & envelope.


I like it well enough – it was my second-ever oscillator so I don’t have a ton to compare it against, but the variety of waveforms for the price point is pretty good. I almost never use the PWM Type input and would trade it for a dedicated FM In if I could, and I find that the PWM itself doesn’t have as many sweet spots as I’d like with the way it’s interpolated with most of the waveforms. The noise is pretty good for percussive sounds, though I haven’t used it a ton for melodic drums specifically. I tend to use it as a melodic voice more often, doing basses or leads, but here’s a recent track I did using the MCO’s noise for some pitched pseudo-percussive stuff – Pip Slope with a LFO-modulated attack is running the VCA for it, and it’s being filtered through Polaris’ notch mode with cutoff being swept. I don’t think it’s exactly the use-case you’re talking about, but might be somewhat close:

Overall, I find it a pretty useful module for my smallish rack. Being able to use it for percussion is a nice plus, especially since I don’t have any dedicated drum modules, and its waveforms sound pretty good! Let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to try melodic drum sounds on it like you’re talking about, I’d be happy to make a short video of it if desired!


0-coast is currently racked, but making space for the items desired but not currently in possession:
-disting mk4
-the second Maths

Would appreciate some advice on which of these elements might prove unnecessary.

I’m only a couple of months into modular synthesis after using virtual modular here and there for a little while. I picked up a 0-coast and the predictable plunge into modular happened.

I’m used to purely using software but keen to avoid screens altogether for a while. Good for my brain.

Q: Will there be excessive crossover between some of these modules that I’m not aware of, or does anyone have suggestions?

I am a fan of west coast sounds, Clark, Actress, Autechre, Proc Fiskal.


this setup looks like good fun to me, except not sure if the second maths is necessary. I would probably go for some other type of modulation source like a black octasource, which leaves room for some sweet distortion like a pura ruina

but that’s just like, my opinion, man.


Finally got the new case.


Finally bought an Atlantis after wanting an sh-101 for many years. Made this dedicated case for it and couldn’t be happier with the decision to go Atlantis over the 101. I’d have loved to be able to have the “real” 101 sound but the Atlantis is beautiful and more convenient in my space limited studio.


Weekend, finally :slight_smile:

I´m very happy with this setup, it feels pretty complete.


Also a big fan of the Atlantis. I wish the faders were a bit longer but otherwise it sounds great. I got mine along with a couple others as my entry into modular in 2014.

In related news, and apropos of the discussion of underused modules in the Eurorack thread, I recently assembled this case which I call “2014”—no tiny modern modules, even though some weren’t available when I started.


I have the same qualms as the others with the MCO — a great sounding wavetable oscillator, but no FM in really limits my use of it! Lately it hangs out unpatched in my setup and I use it as a utility oscillator, mostly the digital noise; I’m planning on swapping it out for a Tyso Diako, which is essentially just an MCO with a built in envelope generator, VCA, and (through the combination of start and end pitch knobs and “rate”) a surprisingly deep FM synth voice.

I’ve been playing with the virtual VCV Rack version for a couple days now, and it’s everything I wanted the MCO to be!


first case is coming together nicely! ears just came in this morning. i’ve got a pretty good idea of what i want to do with the last 3u 34hp, but definitely open to suggestions


Haven’t done anything with this for a while.


Doepfer systems always look so gorgeous, in a particularly understated way. Would love to hear what this assemblage sounds like!


yes, totally agree!

add an Octatrack, and it sounded like this.

or this


Wow, that is incredible. Please tell me there’s an album length project in the works.

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Tyso Daiko goes some weird places, I somehow got it doing this doom stomp. Really quite fun.