Show us your modular system

Off to new adventures! It’s been a while. Next I’ll build a matching skiff.


Current setup where a Blank is waiting to be replaced by a Crow if it ever shows up :slight_smile:

I´m learning the Disting Ops right now and so far I´m very happy with it in this smallish setup.


That’s a super powerful small system right there! I’m also waiting for a Crow and a Disting EX to show up, looking forward to diving in to Disting Ops on the Teletype

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Newer to Monome but not to modular. I finally have my Terminal up and running and working on building some expanders. My Crow will be getting in today as well!


Very new to modular, but quite happy with this so far. Just snagged an older version Crow from a local here in Denmark right before the new batch, but felt like it was the missing piece for me.

I think I’m going to try and get a mult or two, and would love to find a Just Friends since it seems to fit with my modulation above all thesis on eurorack.

I also have a minibrute 2S connected to it all.


That’s a great looking little system. I have the same Blackhole case, and it’s also got Teletype, uO_C & Disting EX. I sold off all my Mannequins modules years ago, and I’m definitely regretting not having a Just Friends now that I’ve gone so deep with Teletype.

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I recently learnt a few tricks with the O_c to get it into the JF ballpark, it works pretty well I think:

Of course this will not replace a JF :frowning:

What FW do you use with your O_c? I’m currently digging the Benispheres FW on mine.

Would love to see a picture of your case :slight_smile:


Reorganized my rack a bit after getting rid of a couple modules and acquiring Belgrad, really liking both Belgrad and the slightly changed ergonomics of the layout after the reorg.


Fun stuff.