Show us your modular system

Great pal for it. There’s a reason it’s been featured in so many XPO videos. The combo will def be different than a DPO though.

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Apart from some mono synths most modules in my racks are DIY. The tall rack is curved so that I can read the text on the top modules.

Below the B2600 you can see the 14 channel vocoder I built using two adapted B914 filterbanks, a multichannel envelope follower with AR controls of my own design, a patch matrix and two customized A-130-8 octal VCAs by Doepfer plus a mixing stage for wet/dry effects.

The tall rack contains the usual lot : a few different filters, envelope and offset generators, attenuverters, mixers, wave shapers and folders, (sequential) analog switches, a euclidan trigger generator, a quantizer, some digital logic, etc. etc.


Another small iteration. I’m convinced that 6U 84hp is the perfect size for me.


My turn! Just moved and finished setting up the studio, made some tweaks to my previous iteration, added Digitone and brought Norns+Crow back into the mix for scripting the ER-301 and Disting EX…


I’m pretty where I wanted to be with these two cases. The Shared System is the older one. the lower case is kind of a “slow system” for endless looping and processing. I make mostly drone/ambient music.


this is a current iteration of my system:

I really like the versatility of it. From drones through ambient through techno and IDM to experimental stuff. I am lacking in mixers but was thinking of putting Befaco 1U ST mix. If I could ever find reasonably priced ER-301 I would probably replace Bitbox micro, Piston Honda and Soleo Vero with it and something additional in HP that is left.
Also good thing is that it is fairly self contained due to Intellijel cases having jack outputs which I can connect directly into speakers.
and a “fancy” photo of it:


That’s the same lie I keep repeating myself.

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This is a nicely curated 6U 104HP system. Great work!

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Been selling off most of my synth gear and these are what’s not sold yet. A stereo noise voice with little modulation.


whoa, two teletypes? don’t think i’ve seen that before. do they interact with each other or is one an i2c one and the other a CV-oriented one?

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exactly - top level is mostly focused on i2c modules + sample drum and the lower row one is Terminal version for CV control and having half broken versions of firmware in a rare occurrence I have time to do some dev :sweat_smile:


Nice assortment of analogue modules here!
I see well something like a make noise Maths and a mini analogue seq like xaoc Tirana, would be an amazing analogue instrument!
(always wanted a sport modulator)



Great photo, what case are you using? It looks very comfy :cloud:

It’s just a Tip-Top Mantis

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impressive arrangement of right-angled cables!


Here’s a humdinger for you guys.

At first, I put together this 6U 60hp Blackhole Case with an 0-Coast, 0-Ctrl, spring reverb and overdrive to approximate an easel. Now, however, it’s my Morphagene case.

Pressure Points, Ochd and Maths are doing exactly what they do best. The three powerhouses, however, are the Future Sound Systems MTX9, Cold Mac, and 257 clone. I’ll explain:

I use the MTX-9 in conjunction with Cold Mac to route, reel in, and redirect modulation throughout the system. Feedback patching with these two is a joy, and produces interesting new results in relation to Morphagene.

The 257 clone I received as a gift from a dear friend of mine in Michigan. It’s a panel circuit built by none other than Trent (@Galapagoose) and only had one +0.5 switch, so I added the other. Eagle eyed readers might recognize the module from his rack during some of the older Maps videos. Kudos, Trent. Now it lives in this case and processes voltages from the matrix mixer, as well as contributing to feedback patching.

This system might be the one that I walk up to and turn on when I first power on my desk most often. I have the SD card chock full of reels, and it is never the same patching or playing experience lived twice over. I probably take the most involved patch notes with this system. Interesting, limitless routing possibilities.


The backgrounds of the two images are so similar that it looks like one and makes the modular gear huge relative to the pedals and gadgets below… and now I know why some folks love the bigger-than-euro modular formats! How fun to have huge modules!


This probably just looks like a huge mess, but I was having fun over the weekend sampling this guitar into Morphagene and patching it into Rings and Strega. In the end it just devolved into nothing particularly guitar-sounding, but it was a nice meditative experience.

Unique things in my setup:

  • DF Audio Minibay patch bay links my modular rig to any other instrument, pedals, Monome Norns, or recording device in the studio. This has drastically changed my workflow and ability to quickly experiment. I love it.
  • The patch bay is directly connected to an analog oscilloscope, making easy to get a quick visual read on what’s going on with any device in the studio. It’s really fun.