Show us your modular system


I fiddled some and re-arranged so I took the rare glamour shot. I took out my KOMA filter for the first time since I got it maybe 5 years ago or so. Feels weird. :confused:


from band practice in the living room earlier this week. Been sloooooooooowly building up this case over the past year, but I’m getting impatient to finish it. Hopefully by the end of the year! The slowness has been good though: every Mannequins module ‘clicked’ for me at once a few months ago, which thew my plans right out the window.

Eventual plan is for the case to hinge on Teletype, Just Friends, W/ and Clouds 2 for samplery / loopery / textural weirdness instead of stacking a weirder monosynth on top of a weird monosynth. Which by the way—command strips, great for making that stack firm enough to patch without permanently binding.


My rack was full for a day and this is how it looked like.


This is where it is today:

and this is where I’d like to get it (plus the Behringer):

I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong with the way I’ve set this up. There were a few, ahem, impulse buys that I’m now looking to swap out. I should be getting the Cloud Terrarium in a week or two, though–very, very excited for that. I love how deep and complex the drones are from that thing, and I really want to see what else it can do.


Had fun with this little setup the other day. Want to try and find a way of incorporating my Sidrax and Field Kit too.



How, if at all, are you interfacing the eurorack with the MS20? This lil stackable idea appeals to me…


so far mostly either running modular stuff through the filters or adding modulation capabilities to the MS-20. And of course Clouds. As you can maybe infer from the picture I’m only barely this side of having a complete “synth voice” in the modular, so I’m also supplementing missing functions there. The mismatch in standards is a pain, but with a little massaging they play decently together. I wish I could use the keyboard to play the modular oscillators, but such is life ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I would like to get to a point where they can act a little more independently if I want, and we’re slooowly getting to that point.


Have you thought about using the English Tear to get the two of them to play nicely? Have heard it’s a breeze once you have it.


:open_mouth: I actually had never heard of it, but it does seem perfect. For this case I would have to want it more than a Cold Mac, and I probably would prefer the Cold Mac… hmmmm, something to think about for sure.


pretty sure there’s a disting mode that converts the v/o between them nicely, just fyi


I did know that, yeah! Disting seems… powerful but not like something that I want in my instrument.


Work in progress, waiting for @randy to finish the Soundplane cv module :wink:


This crappy kareoke casset deck has a echo built in. Sound is very lofi.


Still waiting for E370, but my KS# is nearly at hand. In the meantime, new friends have arrived, including ADDAC 213A and Doepfer A-180-9, which greatly reduce 3D cabling.



I was really lucky to live in Perth, Western Australia where NLC is based and Andrew hosts a monthly meetup where we DIY his modules.

Will hopefully get this VCA matrix when I can afford it!

Any pointers to make more drone-y/softer/less aggressive noise from this?


Been looking for the Nord Modular G2 for months :disappointed_relieved: Hope i’ll find one soon enough.


Maybe filtering? I’ve been using the 3 Sisters formant mode to carve out specific frequencies in very noisy sounds from a rungler. This is the kind of sound I’ve been going for:


Oh man, are you implementing Gibberwocky in MAX through your ES8 to control the modular? It’s always been on my list to investigate…

I’m at the hospital with my mom so I can’t turn it up, but I’m excited to listen when I get home.