Show us your modular system


I’ve been tempted to fill most of the remaining space in my 208HP case with a verbos keyboard. Thing is, my system is hybrid and will proably continue to be, and I have an 88 key MIDI keyboard that I’m pretty fond of. But that vision of an easel-like self contained system is often a temptation.


If you enjoy using a keyboard with physically-responding keys, I recommend sticking with. I’ve never been a very good piano player, and the Verbos is actually kind of nice for my flat-finger-jazz style of dinking around. The 8 preset voltages were a major seller for me, too. I do think the Sputnik’s arpeggiator is a major thought to consider though, too, which is more akin to the modern easels. But real keys, if you’re savvy with them and get the expression that you’re comfortable with, can’t be beat.

But then of course we always want it to be all in the box!


Newly expanded :hamburger: :pizza:


Three Mangroves? Two Maths? …good gravy!


Can’t speak to 3 Mangroves, but I’m not sure I could go without my 2 Maths.


Yeah, I was close to getting two Maths for awhile, but I’m really hesitant to get duplicates of any module because I enjoy the variety, so I went with a Mini-slew as sort of a half-Maths and saved a bit of space for other functionality.

Nice QMMG. I was close to being irresponsible and buying one from a friend once. Actually the module I’d love to get two of is Just Friends. If only I had space…



Built these oakley modules all of like 8 yrs ago (geez), intending to do something involving modular. Finally found the headspace to actually put everything back together in a roughly workable format. Finger-jointed pine case was supposed to become the second prototype for a boutique tube combo amp, luckily I was using 19" rack hardware to house the electronics. So at least I got to use the nice wood case for something!

I’m planning to use the modular mainly as an effects processor for midi instruments. Modules in there are:

  • 2 preamp/env followers (one with a lag module to control up/down)
  • an lfo
  • a ringmod
  • a diode ladder filter
  • a phasor
    a nice thing is the bass-station has a CV/Gate function so also can use the lfo as a jinky little extra synth. Another nice thing is the behringer mixer has some kind of grainy digital reverbs - since they’re there might as well use them!

Came out pretty nice for a cheapo bit of knot-riddled pine ‘furniture board’! Very happy to have everything out of boxes and put together, just waiting for an MPC1000 to arrive then this is going to be a totally legit setup for composition & experimental beatmaking (finally!)


This is what it looks like at home. Stuff gets pulled out into a Make Noise Shared System Cv Bus case when I play live.


Yeah, I love it. As is probably obvious, it’s the centre of everything I do with this rack. It’s among the first modules I started with (along with a Maths, Hertz Donut and a Zorlon Cannon), and probably the last one I would part with. Luckily the price for one wasn’t so bad back then.


I have two Structure 208 cases and the last module for the second case (Basimilus Iteritas Alter) is in the mail now.

I love doing melodic ambient stuff with the top case. Bottom case is far more techno. Both are delightful fun. :slight_smile:

I imposed a 12U limit on myself when I got into modular. If I want something different, I’ll swap existing parts. Gotta draw the line somewhere.


Current rack!


Tried to put mine in modulargrid… but failed! My Serge modules are all much older than the ones they have in there!

So, here’s some photos. (Clicking on the photo will take you to an album with some close ups of the panels.)
5 new photos · Album by Mark Lentczner

Update: Link to album


Doesn’t work for me.

I love old Serge systems, would love to see more :slight_smile:


Updated with Link to album - which I hope works now!


Thanks! Beautiful system. I love the paperface Serge aesthetic. What year does it date to? Did you build it yourself?

I was lucky to work last year on a c.1974 system. Amazing synth.


The modules were built, by me, in 1989.


BTW: You can hear, and see, that patch being played here:


This is me, two cases sitting side by side. Awaiting the multistage from the very gracious @carvingcode and a hole in my isms case to be filled with the new make noise module. Have a grid sitting beside the isms. Have worked for a while to feel as settled as I do in this system right now, loving it.

My IG has a ton of examples of the rig, and the archives of my weekly streaming radio set features rambling explorations!


This is where I’d like to be. This would be in a frap tools uno case. I’m about a third of the way there.


My free improvising rig…actually my only rig…downsize!!!