Show us your modular system


I’ve found that just plain attenuators aren’t as useful to me, as a VCA can be an attenuator if it has a level knob. Designs like the Intellijel Quad VCA or ALM Tangle Quartet are simple and versatile. Also Mutable Shades and Intellijel Triatt are really handy.

Maths is pretty nice as a beginner module as it gives people an appreciation for attenuation. I wish I had gotten one when I started a few years ago.


In 7+ years of owning a modular I have never yet owned a “VCA” … but I have no fewer than 3 Intellijel Quadratt 1U tiles in my current 104hp single row rig.


My ideal utility would be a quad or hex VCA with:

  • level sliders
  • CV attenuators with unipolar/bipolar switches
  • 3-way toggles for normal/mute/invert
  • each channel is normalled to +10V
  • unconnected outputs are mixed with the next channel

But AFAIK, nobody does that.

If Blinds had a bipolar/unipolar option for the level knob, or a unipolar level knob with an invert switch, it’d be close enough. But I don’t want to have to fish around for zero; that’s why I treat my 3xMIA as a set-and-forget mixer/attenuator and got a Shades for live control.

Anyway. I mostly favor LPGs, or flavorful VCAs like ModDemix. Zlob Dual VCA does lovely saturation when you wrap it in a feedback loop, plus it’s tiny.


@smoth that looks and sounds beautiful :slight_smile: best way to play


@stripes Thank you! I really appreciate it :tulip:!


Rocking this at the moment. The top/right are going to go, and hoping to add a Mangrove to the mix. So far, so good!


How are you liking the IFM stuff? Been looking at investing in some of Blasser’s instruments and wondering if the Euro stuff is worth investigating.


I may be biased as Peter’s stuff is the main reason I got into Euro stuff at all, but I really love it.

They are surprisingly versatile. As in, if you want normalish VCO/VCF/VCA type voices, you can get that. And obviously each module has a bunch of idiosyncratic craziness. The Denum was a late/recent addition, and I have to say I really love it. The built in VCAs in Denum/Dunst are both really interesting in that they are bipolar with a built in comparator. With just those, most of the patching I’ve done so far has used the Bubblesound quad VCA as just a mixer.

Each module is also super deep too. Sprott sounds good, and gives you lots of filtering options, but there’s so many variables and CV stuff, that I haven’t scratched the surface at all. Similar for Swoop. Fourses is complex too, but it’s an old idea of his, so I feel like I’ve been around that sound world and concept for years.

Priority-wise I’d go with a Fourses, then Swoop, then maybe Sprott, with Dunst last. Also depends on what you want it to add to your system.

If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


I’ll echo @Rodrigo’s sentiments. I love IFM and Peter’s instruments in general. If I sold all my Eurorack these would be the ones I would keep… so deep, so fun. But definitely not for everyone, you have to enjoy digging through Peter’s opaque manuals and really experimenting.

I’ve been tempted to sell all my euro and just get the IFM set in the slim boat from Peter directly…


Added a Verbos Multi delay…only 3hp left now and that will probably be a blind panel :nerd_face:


Over time I eventually sold off all my euro. Ifm modules are the only ones I really miss, I’ve been tempted to get a complete system lately.


Thanks for this Rod. I’m sure I have questions brewing, I’ll be in touch if they come to anything :slight_smile:


Just racked up my bugs! Much more convenient to play now


Ain’t nothing like starting all over…

Unpatched my rig for some faceplate swap :slight_smile:


Can swoop be used as a “normal” envelope generator?


You can use it as an AR envelope, and you have CV control over the A, the R, and a ‘both’, which is pretty convenient (since there are separate attenuverters).

You can also do an inverted AR and/or chain them together to create a ‘swoop’ gesture:

I find that the VCAs in his modules are bipolar, so they do cool stuff with that ‘whole’ envelope, whereas a typical VCA just takes the >0V part.

Another thing of note is that it won’t retrigger until the envelope is complete.


All Make Noise 104 HP Skiffs with a custom stand from 3D Waves.

I had grown tired of having a large/bulky case in recent months so I reached out to 3D Waves about designing a 4-tiered MN skiff stand. Really enjoying this set up so far.


Soon, I’ll be adding @12eightyseven’s Echophon to my setup. The remaining 20hp is reserved for an Erbe-Verb.


New module, new case syndrome.


Rearranged the case again since my Echophon arrived this afternoon.