Show us your modular system


a quick visit home to the blue ridge mountains


Lot’s to admire there… especially the view. I also think the idea of mounting a switch in it’s own ‘case’ is great, did you make that yourself?


Here’s another pic of my slim little modular. Something about having it in a super shallow case makes it feel more like an instrument and less like a computer – am I alone in feeling this? Anyone else transition from a bulky skiff to something more streamline?


Switch housing crafted by the illustrious @Smoth!!!


Actually quite tempted to go for something shallow for similar reasons :slight_smile: that would visually integrate better with the rest of my setup


Yeah, that was part of it for me, too! The dream was to have it be as slim as a keyboard. I’ve yet to have any problems with module depth – fingers crossed.


Nice :slight_smile: I guess it’s as good as any limitation to help filter the module selection anyway


Yeah, exactly! If you’re looking to make one yourself, I built mine into an aluminum case by SRA – you can find them on Amazon and in a few different sizes, which could work for 3U vs. 6U, etc.


Can you close the lid with it patched?


You bet I can :slight_smile: I installed my rails into the lid part of the original travel case, so the “lid” of my skiff is like five or six inches deep. Can take pics if you want!


I (and I’m sure others!) would really appreciate that! I think would be cool to use one of these as a control skiff with a larger system.


what case is that ? !! :heart_eyes:

edit: ah yup just saw the post I missed


yes fully agree, this is why i have gone with the fraptool plus case.


Here you go! I had to modify the pins on the case’s hinges so they’d pop out; I didn’t think I’d want to leave the top of the case attached, though I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad place to put my Pocket Operator, tape deck, guitar pedals, etc.

It’s not quite 5U – there’s going to be a 1U tile row added to the bottom, where the black plastic blank is, but the gap between the top of the 3U row and the edge of the case is a little less than 1U.

I’m going to make myself a custom CV bus to fill that space – some multiples, a couple of on/off and momentary switches, maybe an attenuator or two, as well as a couple ports that will spit out signals on the other side of the case so I don’t tangle myself in 24" patch cords.





I’m more than happy to go into the steps involved in making one of these – in the end it was a $70, 104HP case, and that’s just too good not to share.


This case is hot fire.


:fire::fire::fire: Thanks!



Hope things are going well for you!


That’s a pretty clean setup!

I’ll… show myself out.


5U unite! Admittedly my 5U system is a bit neglected at the moment but then so is 3U system - that must indicate that my life priorities are out of wack.