Show us your modular system


It would be interesting to know how many people do have any 5U here.
I bet it’s very few.


I would love to. What is the case you are using here?
Edit: just saw the trailing posts


Haha, sorry! It’s getting kind of labyrinthine to follow the replies.



The current state of both of my setups:


I love that keyboard!


Off to a good start!

Getting to the point where the stuff i can’t fit/power with the HEK could function as a second independent voice :sweat_smile:

It’s okay, I should have a Plaits, Wogglebug, Quad VCA and Mantis by this time next month.


Some in for repairs, some in transit. Waiting with little patience :pensive:


It’ll be worth the wait. :slight_smile:


One of those ”what have I done” moments: Mangrove and Voltage Block are leaving the case. Analog Four are going to find its spot next to it.

Wonder what’s going to replace these fine modules?
To be continued…


There are half a dozen things in that case I’d have removed before Mangrove. :smile:


Aaah… had two of them for a while so I guess we never made friends. But who knows? I might get three of them later on? :wink:


My lil modular currently lives in our dining room on top of my dusty Hammond M2 organ along with some of my partner’s (many) trinkets. It’ll soon be moving into a dedicated creative space as we slowly rearrange/deconstruct/reconstruct our house.

I can post or PM more pics/details/files of the case if anyone is interested, but it is a custom 7U/64hp made of laser cut birch plywood that I adapted from a Nonlinear Circuits design. I’ll probably be swapping out Frames for a Maths along with a few other changes to move towards more versatility/immediacy/“modularity”, and I have adapted the NLC Sloth and Neuron modules to 1U compatible PCBs which will eventually fill most of the remaining 1U gap once they’re built.


care to share any thoughts on Plaits? are you digging it?


Just getting into 5U after selling off my Eurorack… will post a picture of the final case when all complete for sure.


what format have thee chosen? making own power solution? big/medium/small plans?


yes please post the sloth / neuron 1U designs! can’t wait to see em.


5U, a mix of dotcom,Moon and STG.

Doing my own power using a PowerOne supply and some Dizzy boards off Krisp1.

Starting with a 2x13HP case and a 1x13HP cabinet (powered off the original PSU via DIN cable), but final plans are to have double that.

All ready, just waiting for Ross Lamond to make the case and STG to finish his secret M00G work and ship my remaining modules.

Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair!