Show us your modular system

i also just grabbed the Andrea Taeggi releases --such a wonderfully curated label!


Hey @shreeswifty, yes :slight_smile: Thanks again really pleased you are enjoying them, and especially happy you are enjoying the label, means a lot.


My Pleasure, Pokk
Martin sent me a nice note as well
It’s a joy to find a label and artists i was ignorant of doing work that i connect with
and it’s extra special to say so directly to the composer. Bravo


Very pleased to hear it :slight_smile:
Both Pokk! and Martin are me.


:slight_smile: nice to meet you again – i should have assumed i guess but trying to back off on making assumptions these days. i joined the mailing list on bandcamp too

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Mine, in a rare unpatched state.


@pokk I echo @shreeswifty’s sentiments. There’s something special that you are doing with both the label and your music. Stuff I wouldn’t usually go for but I’ve been listening out for a few months now - the Andrea Taeggi release is outstanding. Martin emailed to thank me too :wink:



Not pictured case #2



Here is my lab coat system.
Ableton running expert sleepers and FH-1, with Gridlock for an 8channel drum sequencer, Launch Control for 3 voices and 24 LFOs through LCXL, a pulse 2 for bass, a beatstep to control the bitbox (16 voices) and everything going into Linux (Bitwig Studio) And an strymon aa1 for the owl pedal and last but not least a Yamaha TX 81z slaves to the pulse and a Korg monotribe I modded for sequenced filter. And the Goddess Saraswati overseeing all. Jai Baba


Thx, that’s great to hear, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t normally go for. We are equally really pleased with Andrea’s LP, it’s come out super nice.


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I also have a Magneto en route which will live in it’s own satellite case. I love the tone and colour of the pedals and the instrument feel of the modular. Space shall be moving out on it’s own to make for more Seppuku and Ezhi&Aka.


that a Mondo TWBB print? :clap:


Here’s my AE Modular system, I got the 2 row system and added a Seq16 sequencer, Nyle Filter (Steiner filter clone) and an extra 2VCA because a friend told me you can never have too many.
I’m really enjoying the absolutely crunchy sounds that come from the two Wasp filters and the Nyle filter. The VCOs aren’t tuned yet, and I’m told the 2Osc module isn’t great at tracking musically, but right now I’m mostly playing with creating soundscapes and blippy bloopy rhythmic stuff
The Delay filter is a nice surprise too, it’s got a really lo-fi grunge to it, reminiscent of some early Mr.Oizo stuff

When I first powered it on I realised that there’s no built-in clock, so I wired up an Arduino Nano in a system I’m now calling the “Clockymatron”. A potentiometer allows me to pick a base clock frequency, which is output on pin 1, and then pins 2 through 8 all output half the frequency of the pin before, which makes it easy to clock different modules at different, but synced, rates. Typically I run the Step10 “drum” sequencer at half the rate of the Seq16

I also got a dso138mini oscilloscope, it’s a really cheap (12€ including vat & shipping) scope that you solder yourself, but it’s great for visualising what’s going on in the synth, I highly recommend this scope for all electronic musicians on a budget

All in all, I’m happy with this little beastie so far and I can’t wait to have some more free time to start wiring up some more involved circuits to experiment with weird and wonderful sounds


Haha good eye! I’ve got a sweet robocop one as well. My girlfriend scored those for me at a thrift store.

That’s all I need at the moment


Is that a Bluetooth receiver in the TT?

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Yay for AE Modular :tada:
looks like your having fun

cool little project!
I tend to use either an LFO, midi , or an external CV clock, the the divider module.
but to have a clock module with a divider would be very useful!


Yeah, I used an LFO at first, but it felt a bit silly using one whole LFO + Beat Divider just to clock the sequencers, so next I used Renoise outputting a MIDI Clock that the Master I/O module neatly pushes onto the bus, but again, feels silly having to have to lug around a laptop and a MIDI-capable soundcard just to jam out on this tiny modular.
Then I remembered I had a bunch of Arduinos in a box and this seemed like the ideal first simple DIY project
Have you got/tried an AE Modular?

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yeah, Ive been clocking my from a squarp pyramid, which has midi/cv, so was ok for me.

yup, I got it from the original kickstarter, so about 18 months ago - enjoyed it since then, and recently added a few more modules, and built a ‘bela’ module for it, and also stuck, my bastl kastle into it.
you’ll find more post about my antics on the AE Modular forum

its a great platform, not only really good value, but so easy to experiment with.

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