Show us your modular system


Instruo tanh[3] maybe? I would guess driving those Mangroves harder would sound pretty good, as would putting it in Chronoblob’s feedback loop :slight_smile:


Thanks! Having a clear goal for a mostly Make Noise-centric system helped me learn a lot more about different ways to use my modules rather than throwing together a bunch of unrelated single-function modules as I did when first starting out.


Buchla kit patched for a show Friday.


Current situation:


Here’s mine. I’m about halfway towards the instrument I want.


would like to hear this being used…


I recently expanded from my Trogotronic 6U 84HP case, adding a 3U 104HP Make Noise skiff thanks to @Tyresta. I also acquired a new René and updated my Tempi firmware, so I’m excited to learn my way around this combo and make use of the Select Bus interactivity. I’m hoping to expand this setup further in the months to come, swapping out the Trogotronic case for a Make Noise 7U 104HP case, and adding a QMMG, Brains, Pressure Points, and Vector Space, among other things.


Hey Yo Yo,

I’m still learning here so please forgive what might be a bone question. I’ve currently planned next years 104hp skiff with an idea to expand in the 2nd and yours currently is very close to my 104. I’m intrigued to know what the tempi is used for please? I assume you have a grid that you use with ansible to clock/sequence the whole system? How does it work syncing up tempi with this? Thanks man


Well, this system changes every week, but this is the latest configuration


I managed to wedge this guy into the workflow.


I’m dying to try my hand at playing a Buchla. I’ll never be able to afford one but I feel like spending a good week or so with one will help me figure out new ways to get a lot more out of my Bugbrand rack.


I wasn’t feeling inspired by my larger system system recently so I am getting rid of some stuff. I downsized to this small 120 HP system and am really enjoying it! The last module I am going to add is a DPLPG but I love this little system so far.


Ah my system has changed considerably since this post (I have two smaller sytems) and tempi is no longer included although I am just considering another 6U 104HP because I am unexpectedly playing live a lot and lugging and repatching is getting tiresome and I might put tempi back in… so this question is timely because I am also asking this…
In answer, I would clock tempi from one of the Ansible channels/tracks because it was more stable than the other way around. I only used tempi fairly basically but found the channel mutes very useful because you can effectively switch off/on an entire modulation chain or voice and it is quantized to the the master clock. Also, it is useful to have multiple clock sources that can be phased or out of sync to create interesting rhythmic and timing variations. Together with some gate logic there are almost endless possibilities.
The reason I am considering using it again is that it is very playable and the idea of the new case is to have something performance ready and improvisational as opposed to this, my current setup. (Although the top case is a touch synth patch which is fairly improv based and is inspiring the change. That and that the Roland case can’t be closed patched which is too impractical for regular live use)

EDIT: the picture is old… this is the 84HP Mobenthey touch synth… and Fourses has arrived since then and replaced Batumi


Awesome man I would love to see how you advance into your new live system so please do keep me in the loop. I currently have the grid/norns/ansible/coldmac/please exist 2 with a couple of modules leant to me so I can cross patch my coldmac to create some sounds and learn coldmac. The next piece will be maths and then each month I’ll but a new module if I feel I’ve worked hard enough learning the previous one. So by the fall of 2019 I should be ready to start thinking of a live performance (10 mins piece) . Currently reading Patch and tweak which is immensely helpfull


Ive sold a bunce of modules from my frankenstein eurorack and the case.
Just kept a Nerdseq, Vector Space and Maths in a Frap Tools Plus skiff as my controll skiff.

Then i pre-ordered a ACL System 1 that i am really excited for.

So now it will be just my Birdkids The Bateleur 42hp, Shuttle system, Verbos Electronics System and the ACL System-1 in my eurorack setup.
Ive noticed that i really like dedicated systems…maybe little of ocd or just that i find it more calm and easy to patch with dedicated systems :grin:

Anyways here is a pic of the ACL System-1 ive ordered


Hi @Kent, didn’t know you were over here.

Finished putting together a 248r last week, I’ve been enjoying using it with my 208! Should have a new case in a month or two so the keyboard can go back in the easel and more modulation possibilities can be explored.


Today my all-DIY rack finally got to the point where it’s worth posting here. Finished the mini Clouds today, there’s a Streams and micro Braids almost finished, and then 8HP to fill with whatever is missing (probably VCAs, ha ha). Then I’m replacing the 6MIX with an attenuated Nearness, and at some point will replace the Anushri with a collection of smaller modules.

For the moment it’s already a lot of fun! Anushri’s drum section makes a great exciter for Elements. Now I just need more patch cords.


First post - excited at the level of discussion here relative to other parts of the web!

Just finished my first case this week by building a little 2x3 passive 1u mult. I try to steer clear of DIY in general because it can be such a time sink, but if there’s nothing on the market that suits your specifications/needs it’s such a great feeling to simply build it yourself.


Kinda lurk and fart around. I can’t find a forum with a vibe and content angle that I find engaging so am building one.


It’s a bit messy at the moment, because I’ve been installing a lot of new stuff lately, and I still don’t have a great cable solution, but this is what I’m working with. My case focuses heavily on generative music, but I’ve been expanding that focus a bit so that I can have more options during live performances. I’ve been chasing trendy modules lately to see what sticks, and it’s been really great for my workflow and has helped me grow a lot as an artist. Rene 2 initially seemed very performance-focused to me, but it’s also really incredible for purely generative stuff, so I have to give Make Noise props for doing such a great job on the upgrade. I just got the A-189-1 and Ultrafold in yesterday, and they’re very… angry. :smile: But that’s what I’m looking for right now, so I think they’ll fit nicely. The case is a Dark Modular Portable 416.

@benadryl I really like your setup! You’ve got a lot of power and flexibility sitting on that table, and it has a sense of purpose that’s really cool. :slight_smile:

@Kent That’s a mighty setup! Do you have any recordings or videos you’d be willing to share?