Show us your modular system


Thanks! It’s been great so far and now that I’ve paired it down it definitely feels more like a cohesive instrument! :smiley:


My little 84hp 7u system.
just got the just friends this week, fall in love with it.


I’m new to this forum, and am really excited about the amazing discussion and knowledge going on here, so refreshing! As a first post, I thought I’d just share my evolving instrument.

I use it for making improvisational music of various types, and hopefully performing these improvisations in the near future. Looking forward to getting involved more here, and learning more from this great community :smiley:


Alas, I haven’t recorded anything since consolidating my two rigs to one larger system. The main reasons being that I’m rather guitar focused right now and I had a lengthy struggle with the Buchla’s i2c buss, which is fortunately now resolved.


Spending a slow Sunday on modular grid thinking ahead and came up with this and thought the top half could be the controlled with grid and the bottom synced but with the random of woggle controlling the bottom half.


It’s operational and nearly full already :slight_smile:


This is the most I’ve ever had out at one time. The skiff is really just holding extras right now, but I figured it was better than sitting in the closet :man_shrugging:


I love seeing small setups, so your tiny skiff is already a delight to my eyes, but then there’s that absolutely adorable little mini-skiff in a jewel box which melts my heart :heart:


How are you liking the Morgasmatron? I’m really tempted by it but am limiting myself to 104hp, so it needs to be worth the space :slight_smile:



Still trying to decide what to put in the 3rd space. Something which would allow it to make at least some kind of sound using all 3 tiles without anything else would be conceptually best :smiley:


Looks like middle tile is an LFO, right?
What’s the tile on the left?


Left is yomocircuits sample & hold, middle is Foxfield LFO yep


Sounds like a tiny oscillator would fit in just right, maybe?


actually tried to build a tiny sawtooth oscillator but it burned out, too much of a rat’s next and something shorted out i guess. will probably have another go soon:)


can’t stop making unfeasible hypothetical / high-concept setups on Modulargrid


//// pictures ////

Very satisfied with it so far, though I haven’t had it for a long time. Rack space is definitely a limiting factor, so I wanted a filter that’s “more than a filter” but without any sort of menu diving. Morgasmatron gives me that. Sounds great as an sinish-to-square oscillator with FM or as a distortion unit with multiple flavors (overdriving the filter, q drive, engaging the proco RAT style distortion circuit) with optional tone shaping if you throw it into serial mode and use the right side to filter the distorted output. Not worth 20 hp as a filter, but in many ways it’s not a filter.


There is a person in Muff selling off kind of interesting set of modules ppl in this forum seem to apricate. Nothing to do with me but the person has a cute ‘help me’ sign in the thread so I try to help.


that’s @x2mirko, also here! :slightly_smiling_face:
living vco…


Thanks, I did not know that. Sorry for crossposting :slight_smile:


Aww that’s sweet. Just so no one actually worries: my financial situation is by no means so dire that I need actual help. I just use emoticons to bump on muffs and that one felt right at the moment. :slight_smile: