Show us your modular system


I’m just thinking ahead with this plan


Careful. Although my journey into modular has taught me much, the most important thing I learned was that my plans will change with every added module, so planning more than one module ahead at a time is foolish (for me, anyway).

“The best laid plans of mice and modules…”


Step by step, slowly slowly…:slight_smile:


Absolutely agree with the sentiments above. When I was building my first 90hp skiff I was dreaming on my “final 9u system.” A year and a half later I approached a full 6u and started to feel overwhelmed. Now I’ve been playing with a downsized system for a few weeks and have been enjoying it a bunch. But I may not feel the way I do now had I been overwhelmed, so… YMMV :wink:


a lil bit closer


My main modular is the System 100m, and I started this euro as an expander/utility expansion for it but it accidentally grew into its own quasi-Easel instrument.


The expander that accidentally became its own instrument


Dang! That looks fun! :drooling_face:


Kids and Modular synths… they grow so fast. Mine is currently going through the disobedient teenage years where it wants to be everything and nothing at the same time …


What’s the module with the pink PCB with the woman on the back? It’s a cool graphic!


I think that’s ALM’s Pamela’s Workout! (maybe the NEW one, idk)


Correct that’s the new Pam’s. I’ve ended up with one in every case I build…


Just got the Sampleslicer! So excited to use it…
Also discovered the full power of Just Friends! I’ve been so confused about how to use it for the last couple months… I should’ve looked at the thread on lines before I got it/did a sort of impulse buy to be honest :sweat:


Still have a small heap of older stuff sitting here waiting to be bought, but in the meanwhile I’m digging my current setup, which finally came into place this evening after I shuffled a bunch of parts around. So far, my new outs (the most recent Befaco: Output V3) is working nicely; its headphone cue pairs really well with the solo functionality of the ADDAC quintet mixer. I’m just beginning to dig into the Fourses (the newest-to-me thing here), but the 2HP Filt’s low-pass seems to work really well in tandem with it and the Swoop, just keeping the high end in check. I love the sounds and possibilities of the 4ms Spectral thingamabob, though I’m pining for the per-channel audio outs of the ADDAC filterbank I swapped out for the 4ms, even if the ADDAC was overkill for my little rack. I’m not totally sold on the 4ms concept of the individual spectrum envelopes being more useful than individual spectrum audio outs (and maybe that is an option, and I’m simply clueless), but I imagine I’ll come around — or I’ll sort out another way to extract specific bands (like using a second 2HP Filt for just the bandpass). There is room here for 23 more HP on the bottom row, so if you have suggestions, lemme know. I may swap out the Trigger Man for a Temps Utile. I will say I’m really enjoying the Disting, though I didn’t use it in this patch. (The idea of having several Distings is starting to make sense to me.) Anyhow, that’s the report from this little corner off my desk.


Hahah, I’m reading this not far from Shimo-Kitazawa (our office is 10mn walk from there), the little badge under the lower row of the modular made me smile… :slight_smile:


That’s so cool. I got that pin back around 2008/2009.


Out of curiosity, what were you anticipating when you got it and what did you discover today? I’ve been looking for new ways to use/rediscover mine recently.


Sorry for anyone that saw this in the bugbrand thread but thought it would be suitable here too for those that don’t venture in there.
Adding the 2 clock dividers to my system has enriched my workflow at least ten fold. This system and my workflow has gone through a bit change lately. For the first time Ive started actually tuning my oscillators and making tonal music with the system, previously I had kind of ‘made up’ my tunings, but I must say some conventional harmony has been quite enjoyable! I also use a keystep with this for that purpose.

I was watching a video where Charles Cohen explains the buchla easel as ‘complex control over simple sound/voice architecture’. That idea resonated with me quite a lot, and lead me to remove and separate most of my red modules, especially drm1, to get the more out of fewer sound sources, and work with a variety of rhythmic and gestural devices for variation. I’m finding the results much more rewarding than my previous methods!
I seem to be doomed to go on long GAS journeys only to return to ‘less is more’ every time.


This sounds like a great approach. Do you have anything one could listen to? Would love to hear some results of this way of thinking.


This is what I’m working on at the moment, my main voice being a Doepfer A-143-4. I’m (very slowly) getting there!