Show us your modular system


super worms my heart to see the fsr box coupling with such royalty. :saxophone:
i hope it is working well for you!


Not currently, life has been very much getting in the way of recording anything ‘properly’ recently, and i’m away for the rest of November. I am hoping to have time to really dig in in December, i’m overdue a release - my label partner has made 2 since our last tape batch!

If I remember correct I believe Charles was making a differentiation between the complex control of a simple sound being a Buchla/esoteric synth paradigm and the simple control over a complex sound that was very much prevalent before the modular re-ignition (i.e. classic monosynths that have the standard signal path and very little CV interface, or FM synths with a keyboard and not much more than a pitch bend wheel for real time manipulation). I felt the way I was working before was to set up several texturally rich voices whereby my only control was to ‘trigger’ the sound and maybe pitch sequence one or two of them, removing voices and adding control has felt way more satisfying.

Ignoring delays and reverbs, the basic audio path architecture is your standard monosynth components, oscillators, filters, VCAs (incl. wavefolding & saturation). But it is the interconnectivity that makes it interesting, using an oscillator to FM the cutoff of a filter it’s being fed into, dividing that oscillator’s frequency down to clock a sequencer that alters the same oscillators pitch, summed with the cv from a keyboard etc. Having so much inter-dependency in the control portions of the system that minimal gestural changes can have cascading effects across the entire sound construction. Being able to program an analog patch with complex control in that sense, and keep it musically well considered in terms of gesture, emotion and the sense of ‘human’ input is what i’m looking to achieve at the moment. Sorry for the brainfart ramble!

I will post clips whenever I have them hopefully around christmas :slight_smile:


I don’t actually know eurorack in the slightest, but that module looks wonderful! What are you using as your ‘complex control’ beyond that module’s own i/o?


It works 20chars of great!!


Speaking of the Doepfer A-143-4, I was wondering if there is any word of a successor to the A-111-5, the way Dark Energy II (and then III) replaced the Dark Energy. I read that A-111-5 sales were very low, so maybe that is the end of the line.


Short answer is, it’s a work in progress :slight_smile:

Longer answer is that I’m currently using a couple of passive FSR tiles that I put together, and another passive tile that has a momentary button. Using these to let CV through from random source, other LFOs etc. Also, the VCO/LFO switches on the A-143-4 itself are handy, you can get pretty big shifts in sound by flicking one of them.

Recently I’ve had it paired with a Benjolin and a sequential switch, and got some nice results. I’m thinking of working on that, and maybe adding a second Benjolin. And Clouds? Maybe. I’m listening to a lot of Xenakis at the moment :sweat_smile:


Where do you even buy Modcan B stuff? Always been super curious about 'em!


Modcan B (and A) series modules have been, and unfortunately remain, out of production for several years due to the illness of Modcan’s owner Bruce Duncan. The only way to get them at the moment is used.

As far as I am aware some Euro versions have started to trickle out due to their having a relatively automated production process, opposed to the more hand-built approach of A/B series.


Yeah, I was wondering the same. I looked around for one second hand a while back but no luck. Looks like a really nice module.


Nice! Been looking at the metalbox sequential switch but I think Tom is coming out with a Bugbrand panel of logic and switch facilities so will wait for that.
I’m a big fan of the passive approach to control, one of my DIY jobbies is just some diodes and a variety of capacitors wired up to toggle switches, to remove negative voltages and remove dc offset at varying decay rates - good cheap performance tools!


Nice! I have a few things from the Doepfer DIY page that I want to put together for smashing signals together, voltage clamping and such :slight_smile:

Considering this passive switch matrix for some routing, or DIYing my own. Should be simple enough!


I’ve been downsizing every few months, and have gotten down to 108HP. I built this case to put a hard cap on my module count — everything I currently have just fits. Loving the pared down feel of this setup and, of course, I’m getting more out of it than ever.


What’s the DIY looking module, top centre?


Hacked Korg Monotron Delay; the crown jewel of my whole setup, and the perfect companion for the Phonogene!


Korg Monotron Delay is underrated, I will probably pick one up some day.


Agreed! It has such a solid Lo-Fi character, and while the filter isn’t resonant it’s plenty gritty.


Beautiful synth, love the proportions and the little theremin antenna pointing out of the top corner! Would be awesome to hear a bit of it. I’m a big Phonogene fan.


Hey, @andrewhuang, thank you! I’ve got some videos up on my Instagram (, and there are some more completed compositions on my Youtube – they’re from the case I had before I built the wooden one, but the modules are all the same.

Really love and admire your work, by the way!


To be honest I thought it was some super oscillator/mega drones for the last 2 months; I only came across it because I got it at a good price from a friend who was parting a bunch of his module. With the limited time I have, I had a lot of fun running it as multiple envelopes (AR and ASR) that shot at controlled timings (tuning it with the intone). I think reading the Just Friends thread really helped me explore different possibilities. I’m sure you’ve already done that stuff though! Honestly made me realize all the Mannequins modules are beautiful haha


Also, heck yeah, love that Phonogene. It was the first module I wanted, and the last one I got, and it was worth the wait.