Show us your modular system


nice sounds! i always end up going glitchy with the phonogene. might need to play with it in a spacier context. :slight_smile:


I usually tend towards glitch with it too, and never really considered working with microsound in such small fragments, but that’s how I ended up with these smooth, pure tones – there’s a triangle wave hiding in that tape machine!


Here’s my setup for a recent live performance. Underneath it all is a lot of gaffer tape and velcro!


Nice! How do you like Deluge paired with the modular?


it can definitely still be that along with many many other things :slight_smile: sound mode is amazing. if you search the forum you can find lots of patch ideas for JF. there are FM bell sound self patches as well as tons of drone and chord possibilities.



I love it. It seems to like working with a couple of rows. Any more than that and I lose the ‘wholeness’ of the setup and it becomes a full modular instrument with rather a redundant Deluge. At the moment it’s almost like one instrument (or the closest I’ve got since putting down the guitar for Fruity loops!)

I’m still working my way through how I want to structure my workflow between the two… So far I’ve sampled lots of modular beats and one shots, as well as modular soundscapes into the Deluge and mangled them appropriately. Then, for live work I sequence a couple of voices with the Deluge (big STO bass line and Plaits plinky plonks) and randomly trigger various samples with the STS.

I think I need to load up my STS with some more field recording style samples and then ask the modular to improv with them while I Deluge it up. I’d like to work in a sort of semi structured way rather than the almost entirely timelined setup I have at the moment and that seems like a route towards it.

In your videos I’ve seen you have a Deluge sitting on your desk… Have you played with it much? Love to hear your thoughts, or even see it in a video (which are awesome BTW!)


Thanks! The Deluge is relatively new to me so I’m still in the learning stages - trying to decide if it will be a replacement for the level of sequencing I’d currently ask of Ableton, or if I’ll just keep the laptop out for those kinds of sessions. Have yet to even use its sampler! But I like the idea of that being part of how it would jam with a modular too. And of course, the fact that it’s battery powered has me questioning whether it will unseat the OP-1 as my ultimate travel device…

Mangling modular audio with the Deluge sounds fun, any examples I could hear?!


Ooh there’s a question!

Basically almost all of my recent set at my local Electronic Music Open Mic was modular sampled into Deluge. Mostly single shots but a few soundscapes and textures.

I really like that you can sample in then process the sample and use it in a kit or use it as an oscillator in the synth. I’m just finishing off a track using all 0 Coast and some modular with some really nice polyphonic 0 Coast sounds. I’ll link when it’s ready!


Ah cool so like sampled in advance for the set in this case?

Kind of awesome to use the Deluge to sample modular one shots and build a kit…I’ve been using the STS for this kind of thing but the Deluge might replace that - plus it’ll sequence them!

Love the bit a little after the five minute mark, with those melodic plucks stacked on top of the wavy synth. :ok_hand:


Yeah in this case. The modular is also routed through the Deluge so I can have ridiculous sidechaining!

Added advantage is that there’s then only one thing to plug into the DI box.

Disadvantage is (with no sound checks) you have to mix it all with a bit of faith and hope.

The plucky thing is Plaits in Rings mode. Love a bit of it!


Euro is for ambient/concrete, MU is more for drone or classic electronica.
Euro modulation is also helps MU a lot (especially Marbles/Stages/Zadar)


the current configuration- feeling really close to having my ideal instrument figured out here. 2hp saved for crows :kissing_closed_eyes: will probably add another quadratt and keep an eye on Intellijel 1U developments- they have some in the works like octave switchers that I’d be keen on picking up.

effects outside of the system are OTO Bim and Bam, RE-501 space echo- recently replaced a broken spring tank in the space echo and oh boy do the mangroves sound glorious through real spring reverb.


I just got a pair of the 1u pedal interface modules to interface with my meris stuff. really enjoying it, would highly recommend! Before that was just running that part of the chain last, but It’s made me think about things differently now that I can place them in the chain in more complex ways.


Are you referring to the intellijel 1u pedal i/o? I was looking at those as well but I’m running out of 1u space. I’ve got the line level i/o and it takes up a lot of room!


Yep, Intellijel’s 1u pedal interface. I don’t believe that you can use them and the audio interface simultaneously with the 7u jacks built in to the case—you could get their pedal jacks module, but that’s also more space.

Was mentioning as a suggestion to fill the remaining 1u space on @n-So’s case not sure it got marked as a reply.


This looks like a really beautiful system. Though I was wondering whether you find you have too much oscillator? Or do the VCAs in mangroves help?

How do you find the pairing of three sisters and twin peaks? I have the former and was considering acquiring the latter. :slight_smile:


you could definitely make a case for too many sound sources atm, I’m still experimenting with which I like best, regardless i will NEVER sell the Black DPO but it may occasionally leave the system. Been thinking about going this direction with the system and swapping in the DPO if I ever want to use its timbres (which I love).

with regards to sisters v twinpeak- VERY different beasts that I think are completely incomparable to each other. As a filter twinpeak is more gentle, useful at low resonance settings for carving out high end without imposing too much character on the sound, though you can definitely crank the resonance and make things pretty gnarly. Sisters definitely leaves its mark on sounds more, especially given how it almost always drives the input sound to subtle distortion and it’s seemingly impossible to have a setting with truly no resonance. Both ping beautifully but Twinpeak’s pings are one-of-a-kind other-worldly good. If you played for someone a sequence of the twinpeak as a sound source without telling them what made the sound, they would probably guess some kind of xylophone or thumb piano, it is truly an amazingly natural sounding thing, just gorgeous. The timbre of the ping is also super flexible and adjustable when you use the filter in bandpass mode and play with the peak locations. It does not fully self-oscillate though, so you have to ping it with triggers and the ping length is determined by the resonance with a really nice range. The double inputs with a crossfader are super fun with this use, as you can flip between/combine different trigger sequences. I will also say that the Twinpeak’s bandpass abilities are deeper than sisters that you can adjust the bandwidth very precisely.

but sisters’ design in general as a filter is perhaps more fun especially when you think outside the box and get creative with it. and it can do so many great things as a sound source as well, just in a different way than twinpeak.


This is incredibly stupid I’m sure but how does one ping 3S?

Also do you have the QMMG or is that aspirational? I’d love to hear more about it …


Not stupid at all, it confused me too- but it’s just patching triggers to the inputs. patch a trigger sequence to ALL, and listen to ALL, play with the resonance/span/freq/mode to adjust to taste. you can of course patch to any of the other ins/outs but going ALL in and ALL out gives instant obvious results.

and the QMMG is aspirational, really hoping I can snag one of those.


DPO = 28hp
2x Mangrove + Cold Mac = 28hp

Got two wildly competent voices in the same space, can always swap em in and out as desired to free up more space :sunglasses: