Show us your modular system


It’s the Switchblade:


This module is definitely intriguing… I want some kind of manual mute, but I don’t think this one would do that…


The SSF Muton that just came out looks great. 8 channel manual clickless mute / VCA for audio and CV. I have one in the mail :sweat_smile:


After reading the specs it looks like if you switch change it to mix mode, manual switch will act as mute.

In mix mode the button mutes and unmutes the mix output

Also curious about this module.


after a year of working 50 - 70 hours a week i finally finished my set up. buying monitors today but otherwise very happy with it all. made my first track with it in under a week. hope to keep that pace for the foreseeable future. here’s that, as well. lines has been an essential part of my journey and I’m so grateful.


Probably a dumb question but how does a vca work without any knobs? Mine all have knobs! I assume that you need to inject some cv to raise and lower the level… that adds more hp and $$…


They work the same as any other VCA except there’s not a knob to manually set the output level. The CV inputs will output no signal at 0V and unity for the input signal at an arbitrary CV input level, let’s say 5V. As with all VCAs, some may amplify above this, others may not.

Depending on your music making needs you might need to be a bit careful matching the CV that you put into the VCA. For example an ADSR envelope which goes up to 10V before decaying to/sustaining at 7V isn’t going to sound quite right if the maximum input level the VCA is expecting is 5V.

Historically, they were good for space reasons. Especially if you already have the necessary ancillary modules to offset and/or scale the CV going into them when required. They were also be a bit cheaper than VCAs with CV attenuation and manual level setting built in. Although I think the modern Eurorack era of 2hp modules etc has largely negated the need for them these days.


love the manuals thumbtacked to the wall :slight_smile:


Nice to see the MIDI2CV in its new home :slight_smile:



now to move the morphagene out to a 4ms pod and commission a dbldecca build…


Good for scenarios where you’ll actually be controlling your VCA with CV :slight_smile: I have a couple of these: They’re good uses of 2hp, though I like the DPLPG a bit more for that.

Rather than thinking of it as adding knobs you need to control it, you could think of it as removing knobs you don’t need to control it.

(edit: writing this actually made me take one out of my for sale heap :slight_smile: I shouldn’t respond to posts here, it’s bad for my downsizing!)


Thanks, very helpful!
I like the mutes built in, but not sure this quite fits the use case I’m considering…


Avalanche Run love! Love mine. First thing I got, before any modules :wink:


That pine cone has some serious girth… do you live in the Carolinas?


It’s from the lone pine in the Sierra Nevadas. I used to go camping up there with my family. Here in Austin I met an old diplomat at a coffee shop who brought it to me as a gift. Truly beautiful moment of synchronicity.


lovely story, thanks


I have two of them, they’re really great, I could easily do four in my system. However, they’re not designed for audio and won’t work properly as an audio switch/mix/mute, unless you mod it.


A Zlob Dual was my only dedicated VCA for a while. One thing I liked to do with it was put it in a feedback loop using a mixer, to overdrive it. It sounded sweet :smiley:

I do find I want manual control everywhere I can get it, but I almost bought a Rebel Technology Mix 04 the other night, the epitome of “where are the knobs?” :laughing:


This looks like a lot of fun!!


Took the plunge into Teletype land this week, cut my system down to facilitate learning. I racked it up with my case close to full yesterday and knew it was going to be too much all at once, so this seemed like the best way to keep things limited but still have lots of options… Starting to put the pieces together and it’s incredibly fun already; still have to get i2c cables for Ansible/JF :smile: