Show us your modular system


Do you live in the Carolinas?


My parents live in coastal NC (Wilmington), since around 1996. I used to visit once a year (I live in SLC, Utah), and have developed an odd fixation on pine cones, after walking the hills (Bonneville Shoreline trails area) often during the 00s. They’re small-ish (think beef Kibbeh, or a large Falafel ball), here, in Utah, and good for kicking around–to keep it ‘in play’ while you’re walking, as long as possible. I don’t have a car, and probably should play soccer.

I end up collecting these random (small) pine cones, and setting them on various perches around my living space (no idea why) - anyhow, whenever I used to visit my folks in NC I’d be amazed by these nearly football-sized (scales open) pine cones–all over the neighborhood.

While walking down to work (on the U of U campus), I came across a rather large one (for a Utah pine cone), about the size (as it appears) of the one in yams’ photo. I gave it to my co-worker, and he set it on a high perch in his office, and when we moved our office, the pine cone came along. He seems to appreciate it. He likes to place them on car bumpers, on cars parked in the various lots around campus.

Apologies for the long-winded response… I had to relate that story I guess. Maybe it’s an unnatural fixation.


are you a Carolinian?


This is fairly recent. Atypical patch / mid-breakdown…learning how to use Just Friends and Akemie’s Taiko (and everything else) simultaneously… it’s a bit much. I feel like these modules aren’t arranged optimally, but I can’t really visualize obvious alternatives. Pamela’s display feels out of reach (comfort-wise), but the output jacks are on the bottom of the module. Contemplating switching Plaits out, for a Mangrove and an LxD… dunno if that’d be a wise move though.


Without a CV source patched it’s a direct pass-through that can be manually muted per channel, also it can sum outputs depending on where you patch. So it can be a summing mixer and/or an in-line clickless mute even if you’re not using it as a VCA.


Thanks! It’s great :slight_smile:


This seemed like the best way to keep playable knobs easily accessible.
I have an obsession with finding balance in system arrangement :upside_down_face:

Edit: whoops forgot Pam’s and Disting… both of those could do well flanking either side of the above.


This is My ultimate powerful system…
Just a lunchbox with 2 modules…


That looks pretty good–it definitely looks more efficient than the way I’ve been working, which has felt awkward most of the time. The Row Power’ll have to be on the left side (or flipped 180°) - because of the angled flying bus cables, but that’s minor. Maybe swap Pip Slope & modDemix w/the BIA, as I’m using the envelope mainly for the Ataraxic, and modDemix as a final output (to the right)

I basically just installed my HEK (minus the rack ears) on the bottom row (without removing the modules), and have been adding modules on the top row. I have a 2hp snare, as well–it shouldn’t be an issue. This really does look better, functionality-wise–thank you for taking the time!


Long enough to claim it. Bounced around between Winston-Salem, Durham, and Charlotte since high school.


Sounds like a very natural fixation to me!


Love the double moisturizing!


has come a long way in a short time.


Is that a limited edition DVDO in there!!?

It’s great to have seen that come together so quickly.


thats a ghost dvdo to summon. the single hole was pushing me to gas about filling spot with any vco (which i did not feel was right d/t years long specific plan faith). moog the source next to it offers gorgeous easy dual vco mono voice if desired. its so nice how the moog sequencer and arpeg sum incoming pitch cv so you can some wild actions that are even a bit more wild given i cannot easily sync moog clock to modular. what comes out is a lot of non-repeating but very musical (or chaotic/changing) note relationships. its quite easy to go anywhere between a lil added jazzpatchin all the way to your average modular mindfuck. it’s definitely a fun system. can’t wait to finish it with dvdo and finish off the case hardware (handls n feets rubber).


I’ve been building more of a “groovebox” case that feels focused on “techno” and after several iterations I’m settling into something I like… :heart_eyes:

Now if 4ms would just ship the Listen 4 1/4", both my cases will be done!


The result of me reflecting on my “balanced system” compulsion and desire for minimal patching while learning Teletype…

I’m done now I swear :sweat_smile:


Beautiful system! Seems really well balanced. Love the restraint.


Modulate that Erb-Verb!!


beautiful—i don’t suppose that’s a pelican 1170 and you’ve devised an easy and elegant way of de-and-reattaching the lid?