Show us your modular system


Thank you !
Yes it’s a pelicase 1170

I just remove the 2 axes of the lid
You don’t need them !
When it closed the lid don’t move !


too fantastic—thanks for the info!


Current state of my box.
Sold Braids and a big O_C, built a micro O_C and an Antumbra DVCA.

Now I need to fill up 20 hp…this stuff is dangerous…


I recently “filled” my case— began in the early summer and slowly accumulated modules based on need and the winds of Facebook resale groups. Here it is on MG

I’m pretty pleased for the moment with its capability as a beefy-sounding and versatile monosynth with some percussive flair. Unfortunately my Plonk has a constant low buzzing that drives me nuts so I rarely use it unless it’s part of an already saturated patch. So I’m probably going to get rid of that though I love it otherwise. Also the Jellysquasher is probably too much HP for the value — think I’ll end up swapping that for the WMD MSCL. Just got the Dinky’s and it has interesting character but may be a little too goofy sounding for me.

With some swapping and paring down I’d like to get it to more of an… esoteric place, for lack of a better term. Right now I love its functionality as a mono but it feels like a bit of a waste not to explore euro’s wilder ideas. Would love any input on how to consolidate and pare down to free up HP for some ~weirder~ sounds and modulation.


My first thought would be to swap Z-DSP for a Morphagene and you’ll still have 8hp for whatever effect you use Z-DSP for most.


I predominately (almost exclusively) use the Z-DSP for its Halls of Valhalla reverb. So its replacement would have to be a killer reverb (or I have to bite the bullet and get my verb fix out of the rack). I do want a Mtorphagene though.


If you’re mostly using it at the end of the chain, you might as well move it out of the rack unless you modulate it heavily.

You could get a pedal interface module for the 1U section, or an ALM SBG and be able to to send/return plus send a modulation CV to a reverb pedal. Just an idea!


get a uDervish. 8hp and it’s very lush. Or get a reverb external of your rack.


This is very compelling, never come across this module. Cheers!


Did you build one? Curious to know someone’s thoughts on the build process. I read the thread on MW but there is not a whole lot of information about the uDervish out there.


I have not! I don’t own one, I used a friend’s for awhile and loved it.


Done? For a while at least.
My last addition was the DPLPG. That module was one of the first module I ever bought and then regretfully sold. Now it’s the last one in a setup that is longing for some kind of closure. Here you go, setup. You’re welcome.

(Edit: a different picture)


it begins.

i have 24hp remaining—suggestions?


Teletype! :slight_smile: @autreland


I’m pretty sure that I’m finished.


That’s an insane amount of Sputnik you’ve got there.


Yeah, I like one brand instruments. I bought all of this even though I knew that the company was imploding. It was as close to a big Buchla 200 system as I could get in Eurorack. There are issues here and there, but it does function really well as a stand alone, and sounds great. The O&C helps to fill in the functional gaps, and I’ll probably add another running Hemisphere Suite.


that looks like a peli case… i see a few people on here making lunchbox systems with them… wondering about tips for best way to mount the rails?


What’d you use for a psu in this?


@Benjamin_Mauch very tempting . . .

@dspk i used the highly scientific method of drilling directly into the case! a friend of mine had a much more interesting design for his though, which was laser-cutting a plexiglass insert to rest around the lip and mounting the rails to that.

@rycolos it’s the mmi modular usb power supply—the board is readily available on reverb.