Show us your modular system


I can relate to that, as nearly everything in my setup is Make Noise. I traded my Sputnik QVCF/VCA for credit toward an Optomix and some other MN stuff last year, and couldn’t be happier with the decision. I’m still curious how the Sputnik Quadraphonic Mixer would’ve been received had it got past the prototype stage before Roman switched gears.


It is pretty much the MN Black and Gold system and the Sputnik case. I find that I like the LPG function in the Sputnik much better than I like the Optomix… but vactrols have so much variation that any one from any manufacturer might be the one that seems right. The utility case is the only group of modules from all over the map… but necessary. I did start with some Mutable stuff, but I’m not feeling it yet.


The vactrols in my QVCF/VCA were part of the reason I ended up trading it away, without similar issues apparent in the vactrols I’ve got in my Optomix. I guess I got lucky there. I’ve introduced a Monome Walk and a Worng Electronics Vector Space into my setup, and may introduce a few other non-Make Noise things as I find a need for them. I’m trying to resist the urge to start a second rig exclusively for Random*Source Euro-Serge or 4U Serge, as it’s become increasingly tempting with some of the reading and researching I’ve done recently.


Been trying to downsize/consolidate into a smaller portable system that I can travel with. Just completed it with some final arrivals, it’s a good feeling, now I can stop buying stuff! (I give it two months lol)


Latest developments. next plan is to build a little offset scaler in the spare space in the rounded case, ie


Do you have this on modulargrid?


I spy with my little eye 9 tiny screens in that rack of yours.


Finally got it filled. But the thirst for more lingers.


I’m seeing 12, I think.


Sure here:


you’re right. i missed the distings!


@b_w yep i got tiny screens… They don’t bother me though, I don’t do any live modular stuff, i more use it for sound design/processing and writing so it’s always in my studio where i have the time and light to read them… :slight_smile:


i got a bunch too. and i love them.


Just built my second case. Yay for more HP!


i love the fabric(?) wrap around that case!


Finally got around to the big reshuffle I was waiting for Christmas vacation to do.

This is the first time I’ve reshuffled my case without using modulargrid. To be fair you’ll note I tend to work with Mannequins and Mutable Instruments, but I didn’t really know how/if it would all fit.

Fun exercise: actually handling the modules, inspecting them, and moving them around rather clicking around in a web browser.

The Doepfer a-101-2v came out of nowhere. I heard a demo and was really taken with it. It really offers something different than the Make Noise LPGs.


I just joined this board, so “here’s my rack” is as good a first post as any, I suppose.

I recorded a full album with the rack below, with another EP in the works. I recently swapped the RCD out for a super (ultra?) Sloth, but it’s fairly static.


I like you have two Maths! Damn the HP full on functionality!


I recognize this rack! You made these great youtube videos with a whiteboard and in depth explanations I saw posted on reddit a few months ago. I really liked them!


That’s so cool, thank you! I’m starting videos up again in January.