Show us your modular system



Here’s our setup for the Voltmeister shows we recently did during a city music festival.


Ladytron has changed quite a bit, and is now finished. Off to the left of this is 3 Elektron boxes. (mki octatrack, a4, and rytm, I really love the idea of elektron boxes. A synth in a box is just appealing.)



Groovebox in progress. After some time in beginning to realise what I want to do with my system…


Two Cold Macs (Maci?) is Deep Magic Indeed.


First system (almost) complete, nothing really special :slight_smile: Aimed more at ambient-ish stuff than anything else, but this could be a drum machine if I patch it right.



feedback welcome.

peace and love



How do you like the Meng Qi Lines?


WOW. two teletypes! just got me thinking what crazy shenanigans you could get up to with two teletypes triggering each other :kissing_closed_eyes:


I like it quite a bit.
I definitely connected with it more than with Teleplexer.


Sarmism this is inspiring! I have the Deluge driving a Minibrute 2S, or vice versa, and also triggering two voices (Plaits and Graphic VCO) etc. While I load samples into the Deluge the lack of independent volume control is annoying. I note you have the 4MS STS which I was going to get to add some more sample control and spontaneity for live settings. Have you found it useful?

I will get some photos up shortly :slight_smile:


Hi, and thanks!

Yes the STS is a great bit of kit. I’m using it as a sort of random soundscapes generator plus occasional prerecorded drone player (for transitions). I’m going to experiment a bit more with performing using it and Rene to add an extra performative edge to my Deluge/6u setup.

Part of me wishes for the Morphagene to do more Granular stuff, but it is very handy having two independent channels with the STS. On the performance I linked I was using one channel for random (in tune) reverse piano swells, and one for the spoken word vocal in the transition between tracks.


Thx Sarmism. Here is my modular. It is fairly conventional, two voice and subtractive as I have a lot of randomness and sequencing and sampling in the Minibrute2S and Deluge. So I want one more “piece de resistance” module that will allow me to interact live and really add a lot of spice and variation. Does it exist? Morphagene, 4MS STS??? Can the STS record and loop live passages? I need to be hands on… Any thoughts? And Happy new beer!


Nice! I can see how that would play nicely with the 2s and Deluge.

You can sample as you go with the Deluge, and with the right clock and trigger settings should be able to loop - I’m sure I’ve seen some YouTube demos on it somewhere!

I don’t have experience in these but I know the 4ms looping delay and the Strymon Magneto have looping modes.
Not sure about the Morphagene for strict looping but you could definitely do some interesting stuff with it… Qbit Nebulae v2 as well.

Perhaps others will chime in with their experience of all these modules and/or others that might fulfil the brief.

Happy New Year by the way @Spiderlab!


I finally managed to downsize and split my larger system into three independent instruments, each with a clear role.





I know I just posted this, but as this is a new year, I wanted to show how I’ve rearranged and tidy’d up my little station:

(Little unrelated side note: Discourse is so nice to use that I dread going to other forum software.)


a little new year shuffle.

really would prefer to have all the black/make noise panels on one row for aesthetics but I haven’t figured a way to do that without creating some very awkward ergonomics for common patch paths. also a total bummer that the intellijel 1U mult is 2hp too large to fit in that empty space.

BUT loving the system other than that.


Saw someone on Instagram saw 2hp off their 1U mult and drill new last jack holes, fitting the thing into just a bit over 12hp.


Would it be possible to shave just a hair off of the sides of each 1U module? Then you’d be able to keep the existing holes.